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  1. Services: Custom Mesh - Objects, Furniture, Decor, Logos, Accessories (Rigged & Un-Rigged) See my portfolio & Pricing at the link below https://kawaiiduiriicustom.wixsite.com/website
  2. Services: Custom Mesh - Objects, Furniture, Decor, Logos, Accessories (Rigged & Un-Rigged) Other- Logos, Posters, Photography Contact - Kawaiiduirii Pricing will be discussed
  3. omg i hope u find someone that sounds amazing i love that show
  4. Hey! Im trying to learn mesh clothing, I have the modeling part down, but I need help with rigging and weight painting, I have Avastar and I use blender, if anyone would be willing to teach me what im doing thanks 🤣 (Pay can be discussed if you require as such) -Contact KawaiiDuirii-
  5. kawaiiduirii, im interested in the Media Manager position
  6. welcome to sl! sorry theres people who think they own the forums and are rude for no reason
  7. Hello, I am a second life mesh creator looking for a long term custom mesh job. If you need a mesher for your store, club or personal hobby feel free to IM me. Kimmy Cocopuffs (kawaiiduirii) Examples of my work will be shown during discussion.
  8. Search coco designs main store, some of their clothing is “out there” but it’s the most normal clothing I’ve seen in second life
  9. HELLO I create custom mesh, my abilities include: Furniture, props, decor, objects, mesh logos and backdrops. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- POLICY -50% is to be paid up front- -If I am late within the negotiated deadline I will pay back the 50% deposit- -I am allowed to canceled orders at any time, you will get your payment back- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PRICING Mesh Logo - 800L Backdrop - 1000L Custom Mesh - 2000L (prices vary) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTACT Email: roseslphotography@gmail.com Inworld Facebook
  10. Come play with us @ AFTERHOURS Let me straddle your lap, Daddy, while you grip both my hips... sliding your hands down my firm cheeks, just to give it a little spank and then pulling me into you. Let us take care of you on this fine night I promise, we will be good girls. Come see how good we can be.
  11. are you lonely or just need company? Do you want someone to play with? We have a sexy devil and an adorable bunny who want to play with you. why don't you come on down and keep them company in return they will keep you happy Taxi
  12. Hello! I sent you a message on here, I will be online inworld in a bit
  13. [AFTERHOURS] Gentlemens Club. Text. Voice. Cam Come join us! A woman with boots, lingerie, and long flowing hair. Her bright green eyes waiting for someone kinky. Curvy body swaying enticingly. Let's have a bit of fun ❤
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