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  1. Well. I would, but these are the old archived posts, the old style forums. And I don't see a report option either
  2. So, using a certain search term, people are able to access my real world information. I'm trying to get around sites and asking them to remove it. I would link the url here, but then if people do digging then it will show up and they will know another account I use. But anyway, is there a way to censor/remove old archive pages on my other account?
  3. It got solved. Sent in a ticket and they couldn't find anything either. I got refunded.
  4. Well yes, I don't want to spend 50L on some crap that I didn't even want, I don't even know what I did, nothing appeared in my inventory!
  5. I look through my account history and it says I was charged 50L for uploads, but I got no clue what I even did? Can I request a refund for this?
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