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  1. SL Name: daemondreamer Display Name: Đαємōη Ĝгїмαιđō Rez Date: 06/03/2017 Experience: Hosting, DJing (Preferred style Dubstep/Trap but I vary sometimes), and Salesman. Availability: Any Hour You are welcome to message me on SL (just look up either display or SL name). I will respond whenever I am online.
  2. Hello. Now I know I'm supposed to go around to apply to jobs- which I will- and I know that new users don't often get hired but I have also seen new users posting on here and people offering to hire them. So here's my informal resume. Name: Daemon (You can also call me Mav/Maverick) Skills: Able to Roleplay with just about anyone except novella roleplayers. Able to learn quickly and willing to do just about any job. Patient, obedient and dedicated. Polite and love to work with customers. Looking For: Just about anything except Escort. (Stripping is alright though) Times Available: I am usually available between 6/7 pm to 5 am CST, but there can be times I will stay up much later. I've supplied my image down below. It is simplistic now, but I will have it more advanced as time goes on. I have veteran SL player friends who are helping me upgrade it as well, so it will not look as bad or like I am a newcomer. Thank for taking the time to read and I hope to hear from anyone willing to hire. IM or Reply Here if Interested.
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