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  1. The 2d Overlay worked awesomely for me, thanks!
  2. Whirly Fizzle Firestorm Viewer Support & QA Advisor 691 1,829 posts Posted April 28 · Report post You didn't say which viewer your daughter uses. If she happens to use Firestorm viewer, you can actually increase just the font size, as well as the UI size Madelaine mentioned above. On Firestorm: Avatar Preferences -> User Interface -> Fonts. Here you can adjust the font size, choose a different font (we include an all caps font which some people with vision problems find easier to read). Avatar -> Preferences -> Chat -> Visuals -> Onscreen console font size (this just changes the size of the console/chat text only). Avatar -> Preferences -> User Interface -> 2D overlay -> UI scaling (this is the setting Maddy gave you above). Avatar -> Preferences -> Skins - we also have some higher contrast viewer skins available which may help with vision problems, for example, choose Firestorm Skin, High Contrast theme.
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