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  1. Hi, I am looking for a decent photographer. Want a really well done profile photo that I don't have the capabilities to do on my own. If you are awesome and want to drop a price card and some photos of what you do tht'd be great! thanks
  2. Changed my look today. Found this hair on the Marketplace and fell in love! Now that my looks done I'm just lounging around
  3. I've been on SL for quite a while, I usually take a hiatus every once in a while because of RL... so, when I return everyone is either gone or no longer talkative. I guess I'm just looking for people who are easy to talk to, likes to hangout in odd sims (sometimes in comfortable silence) and has some stuff in common. I'm in the middle of building an Adult sim so I'd like to meet someone who isn't afraid to be in... adult surroundings. I enjoy horror, videogames, music and TV shows. I'm always open to trying out new shows or music, it'd be nice to have someone to exchange likes with. I'm forever changing my avatar. I mostly stock the Marketplace because I have horrible internet. I'm just really chilled out, I guess. I am a good shoulder to cry on and don't have a divide between SL and RL. Let me know if you want to chat.
  4. I am opening an adult sim and looking for someone to make a professional photo. Contact me inworld at Ishtara Nyn and let me see your stuff and name your price. Thanks!
  5. Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest! The winner was thefairanne with her beautiful picture, "She beckons." Her picture will be placed in my profile until next months "themed" photo contest! Hope to see you all again and thank you
  6. Hello all! I am holding a photography competition for my new sim, Cabin in the Woods. Rules: There are none! You can take a scenic photo of the sim or creating a creepy, daring scene with your avatar. You may edit them or not, entirely up to you! Once you take the photo send it to Ishtara Nyn with a caption for the photograph and your name. Winner will be announced on the 15th and will get 4,000L! Hope to see some spooky pictures. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Santa%20Marta/82/64
  7. 1000L Photo Contest Would you like to grab your hands on 1000L? All you have to do is come to the gutter and take pictures of yourself hanging out or having some naughty play with some friends! Once the pictures are taken notecard them to me and the winner will not only win the 1000L on the 30th of October but their picture will be hung on the wall of the Gutter! Just type in search in secondlife GUTTER and it will appear if you have mature added! Be warned this is not a kid friendly place, 18+ avatars only! 
  8. I'm currently dating an englishman so theres no trouble ahah! Thanks for the info, I'll make sure to drop by at some point!
  9. I'm looking for friends on the same time zone as me or close to (GMT +1). Most of my friends are american so I never get the chance to converse with them! Little bit about me so you can choose if you'd like to be my friend or not! I'm not here to cyber, although I'm currently creating a dirty hangout. Ironic, right? I like to voice with my peers! I'm very scottish though so not a lot of people can understand my wee gruff accent! I like to build and shop. Those are my addictions! I'm really bloody weird at times. And I have an odd sense of humor. I like videogames, I have an eclectic taste in music and like to exchange youtube links! I also have a passion for drawing, photography and writing! So if this matches with what you are looking for in a friend IM Ishtara Nyn!
  10. I use a 50inch monitor for my pc and I've adjusted all font sizes for other apps etc. to work with the screen but I can't figure out how to make the font size bigger on secondlife. I use firestorm. can anyone help?
  11. Seeking someone with photoshop skills to create a poster for me, willing to pay 1000L or more depending on work! I'm looking for someone to do a one off job of creating a grunge-esque picture for my new establishment in secondlife! If you are interested please contact me inworld for more indepth details of what I am seeking! If you have a portfolio at hand, or a link to a site you post your pictures at please send them to me! Message me inworld @ Ishtara Nyn.
  12. Looking for someone to make a picture for me. Looking for a grunge-esque picture to be done for my new sim opening. IM me inworld at Ishtara Nyn for more details! If you have a portfolio at hand please send it to me and I'll get back to you :)
  13. I hope you do guys! I have a few friends here right now, we're all sitting around the fire place talking about everything and nothing haha! Today in Blacktree I'm going to purchase a small motel! So if people like to keep their avi's online and go afk for long periods of time, they can get a motel room! Hope to see you guys there soon! I'm on GMT time
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