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  1. I try to wear colorful clothes.. But would always end up changing back into black
  2. Him: (RL name)? I can explain. Just don't hang up.Me: Sure, you owe me an explanation. (My voice was dangerously calm)Him: You were always busy and it gets lonely, plus when I asked you that night you forcefully said no.Me: BUSY? ME? (I finally let the anger come out) WHAT ABOUT YOU? AND JUST BECAUSE I DIDN'T HAVE SEX WITH YOU? Yes I admit that I was busy, but he said he was fine with that. I still made effort to see him but he would have reasons. And yes it's a virtual sex in a computer simulation.. but still it wasn't one sided, there was another person involved... If that's totally fine
  3. I agree with Hailee. He said that he was fine not seeing me some days.. I made an effort to see him but he would push me away cause he was having fun with some girl he met in SL. If he can cheat on me inside a game then he can do it too in RL. I was always open with him, he was like my human diary, heck I was more open with him than to my bff. He knew everything about me, and yet he still chose to cheat on me. May it be in a game or RL, it's still called cheating and it still hurts like hell. And he even made me not wanting to have sex with him a reason, is that even right?
  4. Yeah.. Been avoiding him tbh. I've already blocked several of his accounts in SL.
  5. But it's clear to me that he's not the right guy for me. I have my goals and ambitions to achieve and I don't need a guy who will cheat behind my back with some girl he just met in a game ^^ I skipped some of my training days (which got my coach really pissed btw) just for him but look what happened..
  6. I clearly told him that there will be times where we can't meet due to my training, and he said he's totally fine with that cause there's FB and messenger. I even skipped a few of my training days just so I could spend time with him but he would always be out or studying or asleep, etc. And I've made up my mind, I won't give him any second chances. If he can cheat on me inside a game then there's a possibility that he will do it again in real life.
  7. Note: I won't be revealing his SL name, same goes for his *****. Lately my bf (I mean EX) didn't have much time for me and was always "busy" He rarely calls me, and when I call him he'd be like "Not now, I have a deadline to finish." So me being an understanding gf let it pass. He doesn't know that I've started playing SL just a few weeks ago, and what are the odds. I saw a guy that has a SL name somehow similar to my bf's name (what an idiot for incorporating his RL name) So my curiosity got the best of me and boy was I thankful. I approached the guy and he was talking with a very *****ty gi
  8. Add me~ I tend to be really quiet but once you get to know me, I'm crazy but in a good way
  9. This is mine, currently in love with my new look <3
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