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    There are tons if you use the search option for groups. Though, I'm not sure how active they are. Some I saw: PTSD Support Group. Main Chapter. -179 members ME/CFS Centre group- 121 members *Fearless Nation PTSD Support*- 97 members There was a lot more, but these were the top three with the most members.
  2. I see we have a love of all things videogame/horror in common. Still looking? IM me in world @78Blake
  3. 78Blake

    Police K-9

    I am a Dalmatian. I’m a completely untrained pup. And would prefer to bond with one officer.
  4. 78Blake

    Police K-9

    Any sims accepting applications for police k-9s? I'm specifically looking for something long term....as in starting as a puppy and growing up into an adult k-9.
  5. I am looking for a dog to join my household. it's just me and my two-year-old daughter. Everything a pup could ever want is provided: a bed, food, water, backyard, etc. My only caveat is we live on an RP sim and would need a canine that acts like a canine in local. If interested or have questions, message me in world @78blake Thanks! *Edit* No preference on breed/sex but must be child friendly
  6. While still pretty new to me, I definitely recommend Cedar Creek. If you haven't found anything yet, it's worth a look
  7. Hello! Also ISO friends here. You seem like a nice lass, feel free to IM me in world Interests: Exploring, music, sailing, chatting with good people, attending live events, ROLEPLAYING, making an ass outta myself, etc..
  8. IM me in world if you're looking for friends. I've been told I make a decent one
  9. 78Blake

    Hello :)

    Woof! *Chases Tail*
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