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    There are tons if you use the search option for groups. Though, I'm not sure how active they are. Some I saw: PTSD Support Group. Main Chapter. -179 members ME/CFS Centre group- 121 members *Fearless Nation PTSD Support*- 97 members There was a lot more, but these were the top three with the most members.
  2. 78Blake

    Making Friendo's <3

    I see we have a love of all things videogame/horror in common. Still looking? IM me in world @78Blake
  3. 78Blake

    Police K-9

    I am a Dalmatian. I’m a completely untrained pup. And would prefer to bond with one officer.
  4. 78Blake

    Police K-9

    Any sims accepting applications for police k-9s? I'm specifically looking for something long term....as in starting as a puppy and growing up into an adult k-9.
  5. 78Blake

    Looking For a Canine Companion

    I am looking for a dog to join my household. it's just me and my two-year-old daughter. Everything a pup could ever want is provided: a bed, food, water, backyard, etc. My only caveat is we live on an RP sim and would need a canine that acts like a canine in local. If interested or have questions, message me in world @78blake Thanks! *Edit* No preference on breed/sex but must be child friendly
  6. 78Blake

    Looking for a roleplay sim - Family

    While still pretty new to me, I definitely recommend Cedar Creek. If you haven't found anything yet, it's worth a look
  7. 78Blake

    ISO Friends or partner in crime!

    Hello! Also ISO friends here. You seem like a nice lass, feel free to IM me in world Interests: Exploring, music, sailing, chatting with good people, attending live events, ROLEPLAYING, making an ass outta myself, etc..
  8. 78Blake

    Looking for friends

    IM me in world if you're looking for friends. I've been told I make a decent one
  9. 78Blake

    Hello :)

    Woof! *Chases Tail*