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  1. i saw some videos with a more belly in it, i dont know what it is called and can't find it on the market place. its the ones found in those sl vote vids. could anyone tell me what it is?
  2. So I recently got a penny wise texture for hallowpup, but it shows a clown neck piece and red hair on it.https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Hallowpup-Pennywise-textures/12945892 dose anyone know what the hair and blue color are?
  3. ive been trying to get the hades nightmare mod wrking but I don't have the base. what avater do I attach it to
  4. so i got some voice changers from voice morphs, and it says i haven't subscribed, it wants me to use viewer2 or something. can anyone help.
  5. dose anyone know of any places that are consintrated on fat furs, weight gain, and stuff like role play. I've been looking for some time but haven't any luck.
  6. It's the furry dragon - black blue. I've seen a lot of people with bimbos on them.
  7. I need some help extracting textures. My friend tried to show me. Trying to make a fat avi but I need the textures to make it. Mainly trying to apply it to bimbo hips and a belly
  8. Dragoness6758


    ok so ive got this thing. "the shelters free swim suits." and it just fits around any body size I use. was wondering if theres anything like that..
  9. Dragoness6758


    so I'm looking for more assories to add to the kaijus I have. looking for those curved horns that go forword. wings and anything else
  10. so, I cant find anything that fits fat bodys, I'm looking for something that fits anything. like it puts itself on the skin and not a thing.something that isn't something you can right click and interact with. something baasicly pasted to your skin. so basicly I'm looking for cloths that actaly fit on your body not just stay a "thing" I'm looking for I gress it adds to your texture. looking for swim suits and clothing that adds to your texture.
  11. so im looking to see if anyone knows of any good, animations that are cute and sexy for standing still. flirty moments and stuff like that.
  12. i was wondering of anyone could make me a simple fat dragon avatar. four legs not to big. a large belly that hose to the mid joint (half way down). simple colors, main body blue, under belly light blue. don't know how much it would be, be id love to have a chubby dragon.
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