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  1. Second Life works on Windows 10 build 16193 64bit (insider preview) insider previews are pre-release software and caution should be advised as it may contain some bugs! and NVIDIA geforce driver 382.05 which is the latest software to date
  2. I had Second Life working on Windows 10 build 16179 64bit and NVIDIA geforce driver 381.89 Updated to Windows 10 build 16184 and second life viewer gets to initialising VFS / initializing VFS and then crashes before the log in screen shows I had the same problem (crashing before log in screen) with an older win10 build and older geforce drivers. Last time, I just had to wait for a new geforce driver to be released install it and second life was brought back to life. I think it's a matter of waiting until NVIDIA do release a newer driver or rollback to the older
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