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  1. Can't log into Frestorm

    I can't login to Firestorm either well atleast I know it's not only me going to download the other one.
  2. Keep getting logged out

    I can login but when I do it logs me out after a while (5 or 10 minutes) I'm not having trouble with teleporting but I noticed when I go to a new place (I've been to a few random different ones) it logs me out after a while.
  3. Keep getting logged out

    It happens when I teleport to a new place. It doesn't usually happen not sure what's wrong with it.
  4. Keep getting logged out

    When I tried logging in right now it kept logging me this happening to anyone else?
  5. Theme Parks 2017

    The Unknown Theme Park there's also a giant chess game there you can play.. if you know how to play it I don't lol
  6. Hi I can't seem to get past initializing vfs on both SL viewer and firestorm. I have restarted my laptop.
  7. Hi I'm looking for a gf..

    Well yes lol I actually got a message from someone who read my post. It sounds good. Thanks.I'll just go with the flow and see what happens. I also realised that people weren't replying to messages or atleast I thought they weren't because my settings were set on only friends can IM me. I've changed that now goes.!
  8. Hi I'm looking for a gf..

    Yes I'm serious..I've seen girls post a similar thing 'looking for a bf'
  9. Hi the rear view camera angle shows me from a strange I'm on the ground looking up at my avatar.. but when I changed to rear view the angle is ok. I have clicked on the up arrow but as soon as I move the camera angle changes to that weird angle. Does anyone know what's wrong with it? Thanks.
  10. Hi I'm looking for a gf and then see what happens. I don't want to rush into anything. I want someone fun and who talks lol. For some reason I just don't get many replies from women (I guess I have that effect). Sooooo please message me if you're interested. I want to have a laugh and explore the world
  11. I found an Iphone on marketplace which I think allows you to add your own music and play it. But am I allowed to play music in any region or land? And how do I know if a certain land doesn't allow it? Thanks.
  12. Thanks. Yes I understand now. The seller made some things modifiable e.g. shape but not the skin so I guess the seller just put no modify just because some things you can't modify.
  13. Yes in marketplace in the permissions section modify has a line through it yet in the details section it states 'Shape (modif & copy).' Oh ok I think I get it now because in the contents section it shows exactly what is modifiable (is that a word?) lol so e.g. the skin isn't but the shape is. Thanks.