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  1. Hi is anyone else having login issues when logging in using Firestorm? I keep getting "Login failed. Despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong. Please check https://secondlife--status,statuspage to see if there is a known problem with the service." I checked the grid status and it seems as though everything is fine and working well.
  2. Hi so I seem to have forgotten my laptop password. I don't know how since I log into it daily! I think I'm losing it. My work password is similar to my laptop password at home so maybe that's why I've got confused and can't remember it eventhough I logged onto yesterday. Anyway I've tried pressing F8 to get into safe mode but safe mode isn't showing. How can I reset my password without losing everything on it please? I use windows (can't remember if it's 8 or 10). I have a Predator Helios 300 gaming laptop. Thanks.
  3. metal foil? I always put in my oven lol then i dont have to wash up the oven tray
  4. It didn't work I just blew my flat up who knew water and electricity didn't work well together.
  5. Its a microwave oven so its an oven that looks like a microwave with two hobs on top can I use water in an electric oven? I always make a mess I can't help it - the real question is... whats right with me lol I can't even bothered washing my plates so I just put food in foil
  6. Well I bought it! Should be delivered tomorrow now I can enjoy SL without too much lag! No lag hopefully.
  7. Baking cookies? I think. I needed to clean my electric oven but didn't know how to so I didn't bother lol there's a lot of burnt food inside.
  8. Ah ok thanks guys. I'm still thinking about it...sometimes I'm spontaneous and spend a lot of money on things I don't need but this is going to cost £1000 so hmmm I think I should wait but it's pay day tomorrow lol
  9. I might get this one "Acer Predator 17.3 In 16GB 128GB 1TB GTX1050Ti Gaming Laptop"
  10. I might be a new laptop because the one I have isn't good. I know laptops aren't good for using Second Life but the one I currently have is a HP laptop beatsaudio and the screen isn't big the length of the screen is just less than an A4 paper. So I need a better laptop that runs SL better and the biggest screen I can get. Any suggestions?
  11. I can't login to Firestorm either well atleast I know it's not only me going to download the other one.
  12. I can login but when I do it logs me out after a while (5 or 10 minutes) I'm not having trouble with teleporting but I noticed when I go to a new place (I've been to a few random different ones) it logs me out after a while.
  13. It happens when I teleport to a new place. It doesn't usually happen not sure what's wrong with it.
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