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  1. hi everyone, is there a billing issue these days? i am trying to purchase linden dollars, we have this joint business and me and my colleagues cannot buy any lindens, the transaction proceeds but we cannot get the lindens, my bank notifies me of the transaction. but we get an error. tried from multiple accounts. any help please?
  2. Hi people, so i'm in bit of a fix here, i have to pay rent tomorrow for my land and the payment just wont show. I am try to buy lindens from the website, instant buy. have so far, made a transaction of 15 dollars US, i get the notification on my phone, but i get an error on the website and then no lindens appear. I added another credit card number of a friends to see if there was a problem with only mine, but the same problem occurs a transaction notification comes, but there is an error and then nothing. i have wait the whole day, thinking i might take some time. but now i am worried. please help thank you.
  3. yes i was looking at the slide show option too, seems more feasible, thank you =)
  4. Hi people, so i have this training center and i would like to add a projector and screen, so that i can display images, slides etc for educational purposes. Is that even possible? If yes, where can i get it? or do i have to make it myself? if there is a link in shopping would someone be kind enough to send a link? because i have search quite a bit, but no use. Thank you =)
  5. " I suggest you simply set the whole buiding to physics shape none and link a couple of invisible prims to it for physics." you have me lost here =P can you elaborate further? Thank you.
  6. so basically, i should break my model, to sub blocks, lets say 3 and then repeat the whole thing?, my problem is with the physics file, if i knew how to make a proper one, that would be great, any ideas? thank you again.
  7. So i found the problem, by doing what you told me, i went to developer and did the physics thing, and remember the bumps i was telling you about? they are some triangular shapes, pyramids, that have appeared, from where i do not know. i have attached the picture please check. the second image is the one, which shows door number 2, it is being block by these rectangular objects. the 3 image image is the view from inside door number one, or the building itself. the last image is also from the inside, remember the gaps between the walls i was talking about? i hope this can help you figure out my situation. thank you again.
  8. thank you so much for taking out the time to reply, well actually, about the physics shape, i watched tutorials, in which people mostly, for example for walls, would use the same, mesh file, without any effects, it's like this, i export 2 files from sketchup, as 3ds files, one being the proper edited model, and the other one with the most basic geometry, these are imported as 3ds files into blender, from which in then , export 2 dae files, but from each i used to remove( delete) the camera object just as the tutorial suggested. here is one link )https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mld4wZgLv_E . after these, i would go to second life, build>model> import, the normal file>then the physics tab> upload the physics,> analyze and then calculate, normally i used to get the (max hulls exceeded error), but if all goes well, the calculations give me number. I might be doing it all wrong, sorry but i admit i'm a noob here =P
  9. Hi guys, so after what felt like an eternity, i finally got a somewhat working model that can be used in secondlife. My story, i was assigned a project to make a virtual training center. i have the land. I saw youtube tutorials, on how to make a mesh model, from google sketchup pro 2017, which i made and then use blender, for the imports of 3ds files and then exporting of the dae files. sounds simple. the first problems i incurred were of the physics files, i had no clue what they were, or why they were even needed, but as i searched they were important, so i fixed that issue as well and finally got a model, that gave no error (mav-max-hull-exceeded). Once uploaded, i also changed the convex hull to prims, so that the physics file is used. But know i am experiencing a different problem, rather it's annoying. Firstly as you can see from the picture below, the model in Sketchup i had made, is very crisp and clear, if has a floor and proper tiled walls, but when it come to second life it, has no floor, no walls, and even loses the windows, i dont know if it is a bug or if i'm doing anything wrong, (i might be, since i am new) but it's very annoying. Since the floor disappears, the grass pattern in the land starts to appear, which looks so bad. Secondly, even though the land i am using is flat, i did clear out the bumps, by using the flatten tool. Also, there are two entrances to the model, i can only go through one, even thought the physics files shows 2 entrances. know dont know why the other entrance is blocked. even though i can fly out the windows =P . Also, in some places inside the model, i feel as if there is some object blocking my path, that is, if i am to enter a room, there will be some blockage, i have to move left and right until i suddenly start walking in air, like i'm climbing some steps,( which dont exist) i will go up and then finally manage to enter the room. There is nothing else on the land, it is flat, only the mesh object is present, why is the model not working smoothy, why the blockages and no floor? lastly, the walls and and the roof , show gaps between them, once inside, the building model, the roof, doesnt show, and the, gaps between walls, star appearing again and again. any help please? i have a deadline by the weeks end, any help would be much appreciated. I have posted the pictures too, please help. Thank you =)
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