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  1. Hi, so has anyone else had the issue of their firestorm viewer randomly freezing for a second and then closing itself out?

    It is becoming really common and sometimes it happens minutes apart some sometimes it wont do it for an hour or so but it does always happen. I never get a crash message or anything it simply just poofs and closes itself. This is the only program on my computer that does this, I have already tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling firestorm.

    Has this happened to you? How did you fix it? Any knowledge or tips would  be appreciated. :)

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  2. 4 hours ago, Criss Cheri said:

    Dear Lindens,


    Why not create a Premium Lite?

    • With no Linden Home or mainland parcel (but the ability to rent mainland)
    • 70 Group Memberships
    • 80 Offline IMs
    • Exclusive Premium-Only Areas
    • Maybe 150 L$ weekly
    • Premium Support

    All for 5 US$ monthly and 50 US$ annually? 

    That might help the people who are still willing to pay for some extras but not being able to effort that much. And many do not realy need a home.


    This is an idea I think some people could really get behind. It would be cheaper than full premium and include key features that the everyday player would want. I mentioned in another post that a lot of people are tempted to get premium purely to help them get into events a bit easier or for the groups. If there was a cheaper alternative like this one I think it would pick up some addition premium members and maybe bring back a few members that decided to drop their premium status.

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Pamela Galli said:

    It depends on the business. If anyone has a question or support need, I prefer to handle it myself. (And I do so expeditiously.) I also don’t   want to deal with group management. I don’t have to deal with a lot of support issues so for me a mailing list is ideal.

    As I said for some things it is nice. Sometimes you can absolutely make it work and for some things you are going to need the community help. I am not familiar with your business by looking at your name so I am not sure what exactly it is but I am thrilled it works for you and that you have the time and availably to speak with each of your customers individually when needed but that is not a luxury every creator has. In all actuality for some creators talking to each person and handling everything all on their own is very unrealistic.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Blueberryxx said:

    I do also have a subscriber that some people choose to use with around 25,000 members in it. But Blush, the customers or the number of customers in the group isn't at fault for groups lagging. We didn't "create" this issue. It is hard to claim groups were not designed for this, when groups are able to charge customers, have abilities to send notices, and have a built in chat. It is how the group system was made. I am suggesting, we need a permanent solution which might even mean making a brand new group system. We are happy to pay for it with the increased fees. Groups are important to the economy of Second Life. I am the proof that it is essential.

    No, subscriber based notification doesn't serve better. Doesn't bring the same amount of sales. It is just the fact of the matter. 

    @Blush Bravin @Blueberryxx I am not a creator but as a consumer I can say that yes subscribing is nice for some things but at the end of the day sometimes it just has to be a group. You cant ask a subscribe tool why you didn't have a certain body rigging isn't in a clothing folder, you can not ask why your product may not be working correctly, and you can not ask a subscribe tool for suggestions and comments on things. People can not expect customers to go to a main store to look for a bored listing CSR for them maybe to be online or for them to maybe have time for you. These people are busy with various things all the time so we rely on each other as a community for help and that is an amazing thing. From a consumer I have to completely agree that groups are indeed necessary.

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  5. 3 hours ago, Milena Coy said:

    Is this really the right decision? Wouldn’t it bring more income for LL to quit the Basic Membership? Aren’t we all interested in a faster (and more reliable) development? Do we really need thousands of never used accounts or ever-noob avatars with empty profiles and no payment info? I know: Some people don’t have a lot of money, and also as a free member they are a nice and important part of the community. But when they are in SL for a long time, is SL really not worth a small fee? For example a fee of 1 US$ for each month you log in. If you don’t login in a month, no fee is charged. So no monthly plan, but a fee depending on your logins. Users could fill a „purse“ of their account in steps of 5 or 10 US$ and the first login in a month would reduce the purse amount. I think everyone could pay this and it would be a way to make land more affordable. Premium members with annual plan have to pay 37,5% more now, do we want this? These are the people who already pay for their SL. And all the designers who create the content we like have to pay a doubled fee now when they want to withdraw their earnings to real life. Do we want this? These are the people who mainly make SL look like it is now. So should the people who already pay pay more or should everyone pay a little? People who never pay need and expect that other people pay, so they can use SL for free - often for years. But is this right? Should this be supported for ever? Shouldn’t LL find a way that the paying people don’t need to pay more and more?

    (Yes, I know. SL needs new users and new users never wanna pay without testing. So give them a free month.)

    Payment isn’t the problem of SL for getting (keeping!) new users. The reason they don’t return is that SL is too complicate for new users. 1000 settings of the viewer. LL viewer or Firestorm? Default avatar? Or wearing (!) a mesh body and a separated mesh head? Oh, then the default avatar is hidden. So also your skin is hidden. Hopefully you find the same skin applier for body and head or you manage how to edit the tone. Understanding alpha layers. Even different when using the mesh body HUD. Oh forgot: Hands and feet are separate mesh parts too. So buy correct shoes or they won’t match. Yes, there are different mesh generations - rigged, unrigged. No, forget sculpties, they are outdated like so many things here. Different textures for mesh. No, you can’t create mesh with the viewer tools. Yes, you can create system clothes with the viewer. But don’t do it, yes smartass, it’s outdated. Wearing system clothes, mesh clothes or use an applier HUD for textures? Wear or add or need applier? Different mesh systems for hair (don’t use system hair, silly. Just wear a base. Well, that’s a bald of ... ok, sorry, of the system hair.) and especially for apparel. Found a cheap mesh body? Cool! Oh, didn’t find clothes for it? Haha, yes. Omega (Kit? Applier? Relay HUD? Huh?) may work. But you need to buy the right one. “Soon” (tm) we will have Bakes on Mesh, again changing a lot. Open a box? Well, just click it. Oh, or you need to drag (“rezz”, wut?) it to the ground. Not allowed? You need permission for this. Why? Where? How? Why I am shaking my arms like a bird while I am standing? Haha, silly noob AO. Oh, what’s an AO? - And all this is only the start. Still not learned about inventory, outfits and other UI parts, object permissions, maturity ratings, land allowance (buy and/or monthly fee, mainland and private is different), complicated group functions (deed?), gestures, scripts, building, music/media, offline restrictions and much more. How can I find people with the same interests? The search mainly leads me to “sex”-places or “clubs”, no matter what I am looking for, because keyword-spamming rules. And btw: The people who offer inworld help are user support regions or user groups (Firestorm for example), not driven my LL. So maybe somewhere there the problem is “hidden”, why most of new users never return or give up soon? Because SL grew in steps as it did and never was simplified the whole concept of SL is grumpy now. Rebuild it, simplify it, courageously kick old content and structures.

    I agree that all of these concepts are hard for new users to grasp BUT I have to say I find that older members find them much harder to grasp because it is not just getting a handle on the game but it is basically relearning a game you feel you already put the work of learning into. New users are more willing to change because they are going in the with expectation of learning a game.

    I can tell you that when I had found SL a few years back if I would have seen that I would have had to pay for it I would have kept scrolling and I think a lot of people would. You need a free membership but you also need real incentive for them to switch over. Under no circumstances should you further limit what basic users who have already been here all these years are getting (They are your faithful members and a large amount of them are pouring their RL money into Linden Lab's real wallet). Consider only knocking down what new registering members are getting. People do not take kindly to having things taken away. Be mindful that not all basic accounts are forever-noobs that do not contribute. I have met many residents that did have premium for a period of time and then decided it wasn't worth it to them and they dropped it for a while. Just because someone is not forking up a whole $10 a month (Which really isn't all that much at all.) does not mean they are not putting out much much more than that supporting their own shopping habits. I have watched non-premium members drop $100-$200 or more a month just for shopping and then more for their land.

    Of course you can say well we have to raise the prices on things because of new plans being made and new things happening which is 100% understandable but I see people using the new Linden Homes as an example here but be mindful that not all premium users have access to them right now and thus are paying for other users new perks and not their own.

    There was an idea somewhere in another post suggesting different levels of premium. Some people really only get premium to make it easier on themselves getting into shopping events. Basic should remain because that is how you get new people to play and a percentage of those new people will become premium.. I am not sure a month free is going to cut it. I think two levels of premium would even suffice, you could have one geared towards your everyday users and then one geared more towards business owners and people who make their RL money from SL more regularly.

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