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  1. Thank you so much for helping me work through my problems. Your replies encourage me to keep going. Thanks again for taking the time to help.
  2. I have a texture question. Mesh is my own, created in blender. Texture is NOT created in blender. Texture is just a simple 512*512 jpeg uploaded to SL separately and repeated as needed on object in world. When viewed with just atmospheric shaders (midday) it burns out on the top surface as shown in this pic. (With advanced lighting switched on model/texture looks fine.) OK I get that is just the way the server is showing the model with only atmospheric shaders with sun overhead at midday. My question is, is there any trick or workaround I can do to prepare the texture for upload to prevent th
  3. I have this little mesh pillow I made some time ago in blender, where it was seamed, unwrapped, assigned materials/faces and imported to SL. I texture in SL with my own textures I work up in photo shop and import to SL. My original pillow and textures (several different ones to make different pattern pillows) all worked out fine, just as expected, with no issues. I decided to use the pillow again with a stripe texture. The stripe was a bit wonkey on the mesh so I went back into blender and fiddled with the uv map. I also made small size adjustments (plumped it up a bit and made the pipping sma
  4. Yes Whirly, thank you that was very helpful. I believe I finally have this all set now. My major problem was just understanding and everyone's help was just what I needed in getting there. Thank you all!
  5. Thank you Madelaine and Monty for your response. My monitors max resolution is 1680 x1050. Nvidia is set to that, as well as Windows. If I finally understand correctly, with Nvidia and Windows set to the same resolution of the monitor there should be no distortion, no stretch, no scrunch. Internet images look ok. The standard cube in blender measures square on my monitor. So this must be the correct resolution. Is there any way to check resolution in world other than to measure a cube? Monty, I don't know what a VGA cable is. The monitor cord is the one that came with the monitor. There is
  6. Rachel, thank you for your quick response. Getting my resolution right has been very confusing, and this helps. I am wondering if the reason my box prims in SL are not perfectly square but a bit too tall in height and narrow in width because my resolution is 16:10 rather than the industry standard of 16:9? I am trying to get my resolution as near perfect as possible as I am learning to build mesh, and I do not want my builds to be off. Thanks again for your help.
  7. I am having a very hard time setting screen resolution. I just bought a new computer with a NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 750Ti graphics card. I'm using an old 2008 monitor : Acer 22" flat panel active matrix TFD LCD, model AL2216W, with a max resolution 1680 x 1050. The new computer's Windows 10 display settings screen size is set to that size, which is the recommended size (according to Win 10). My avi in my new computer looks thinner, and my inventory looks thinner to me. I found out my old computer settings were incorrect, which was part of this problem, so I am trying to get this computers setting
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