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  1. I have been working on a script and I wanted it to make the avatar invisible when someone sits on it, as well as remove all abilities to touch, detach, and etc. Thing is I am having a hard time finding out how to force detach all attachments on avatars and apply a alpha mesh. Can anyone show me how you go about doing; removal of attachments, applying of alpha layers, disable of teleporting, disable of touch. Thanks in advance and even if you can't do that could you at least give me the "@command". The wikis documentation on rlv isn't as straightforward with this stuff compared to other things. This is what I have so far: llRegionSayTo( victim, rlvrc, "sit"+","+(string)victim+","+"@sit:"+(string)id+"=force" ); llRegionSayTo(victim, rlvrc, "sit"+","+(string)victim+",@unsit:=n" ); llRegionSayTo(victim, rlvrc, "detach"+","+(string)victim+",@detach:=n" ); llRegionSayTo( victim, rlvrc, "edit"+","+(string)victim+",@edit:=n" ); llRegionSayTo( victim, rlvrc, "rez"+","+(string)victim+",@rez:=n" ); llRegionSayTo( victim, rlvrc, "sit"+","+(string)victim+",@detachme=force(*)" );
  2. Thanks that is exactly what I needed. Now I can just code a like atm thingy to do what I want.
  3. Is there a way to make it where a script or npc can take a item given to it by a user and give them a item in return? If not do you know of another way? I am not sure what functions I could use to go about doing it. The only other way I can think of doing this now is storing all of the information on a script that always is running for all users that retrieve items. This way the script keeps track of what items each person has.The issue there is then it comes off as a tedious task just to check how many items you have on it unless I code a little item box to control it. I rather not do that though because if the sim ever got shutdown or something like that it makes it where users lose all their items. I could try storing it in a txt file but that is like the worse way possible in terms of efficiency. Another way would be to use a SQL database with http functions to try and track all users information. That way it stay fast and efficient as long as the data is set up right, but not in the mood to go through all of that. I rather just have it stored using SLs inventory system and make it easier on myself. Example: --------------------------------------------------------- You walk up to a npc or vending machine. You drag a cube onto it. The vending machine takes the item and gives you a hotdog. or You drag a item in a certain region. The script on the land takes the item and gives you something back. Other info: --------------------------------------------------------- Item will be transferable between users Item will be deleted when retrieved by npc or script.
  4. I figured its done using shape keys but I don't know what you'd name the shape key to make it blink. Can anyone explain to me what you exactly need to do? My character just stares into the abyss of nothing :v.
  5. I have been working on getting my character into this game for a while now and I am honestly fed up with failing after trail and error for like 6 hours. If anyone could please help me get this working I would be grateful I have been updating this model over and over again for like a year because I never liked how it looked and it be a shame if I couldn't use it in game because of this one stupid error. Issue 1) I can not get this piece of polygons to flow correctly with the weight map. How can I get this to flow properly so it does not have jagged edges when it deforms. I have tried smoothing out the vertices and verifying that no other bone has control over that piece but no matter how I color it, the polygons never snap properly in place. This and the shoulder has a jagged edge flow into that looks like their arm is crumpling like paper. Pic 1: (Just a heads up I reset all weight maps to default) Issue 2) I thought that I could change some of the sliders to work for at least some of the clothes in second life by setting the default size of shapes close to my mesh but it appears to not actually change within game. Pic 2: (This is showing the ring. From what I have noticed clothes generally will be as big as that ring so I figured I could just make my character fit into that rig so more clothing would fit.)
  6. Do you know if you can just put a bone on the model and have it control the vertices I want? That way I can simply edit that bone to get what I want? I am not sure if it limits control of bones on wearable objects if it has its own bone system. IE: bone 1; bone 2 not following generic sl bone names.
  7. Is there not some other way I can do something similar without having to basically make duplicates of a item essentially just to do it? Cause that way seems highly inefficient and unoptimized. The funny thing is they already use morph targets for certain things in the game they should just not block essential useful features.
  8. I am talking about something like this: or this: If you notice there are no bones controlling that you are setting the vertices to be a certain point on a slider and depending on how you slide it depends on how far it will move the vertices in the desired direction.
  9. I am trying to see if I put a shape key on a mesh item can I control that shape key in-game using scripting? If so what is the command for it? I have been trying to find it on the wiki but not having much luck.
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