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  1. Hello thanks for fast reply! I got it working (i mistyped it at first and was having trouble with detectedkey) but now it puts /me in front of the display name. Maybe i'm doing something wrong haha EDIT: OMG it worked!!! I had to put a space behidn the /me! FINAL CODE: default { state_entry() { llPreloadSound("SOUND HERE"); } on_rez(integer start_param) { llResetScript(); } touch_start(integer total_number) { integer i; for (i = 0;i < total_number;i += 1) { llPlaySoun
  2. Okie, so i found a nose kiss script i wanted to use for my Toddleedoo and edited it a bit. My problem was originally, that it didn't display the display name for the person who clicked it, but showed display name for the owner (me). So i edited it a bit and i'm so close! Now it shows the Display name for both clicker and owner. But it has this ":" in front it which I think is the object name... Originally the snippet that read: " llSay(0, llGetDisplayName(llDetectedKey(0)) + "kisses " + owner + "'s nose. ");" read " llSay(0, "/me kisses " + owner + "'s nose."); " and I think that's the pr
  3. Having the exact same problem. I'm a store owner and i can't even fix my 1 vendor because of this... Any fixes yet? I tried clearing cache, uninstalling and reinstalling the entire firestorm client, manually clearing the cache, just everything ughhh
  4. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Couture Way/252/250/21 Commercial and Breedables allowed. 8176 SQM, 2744 Prims, I have 2 1/2 weeks paid on tier left!. 2443 L/week tier normally. I am selling it for 4K Lindens flat as i have moved land to my sl parents land! That's much less then 2 1/2 weeks of tier already paid Thanks and hope someone can use it! -madysonfaye resident
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