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  1. Thanks. I did include ssytem specs in my original post, along with the fact that I'm using the latest versions of the three named viewers. I'm able to log in with all three and get about as usual. the only problem is not being able to load content inside prims. Might be worthy of note that I'm getting zero lag, my ping to the server is good and everything except this database issue is peachy. Also, I got a group notice through that LL are still dealing with database issues. According to the Grid Status blog, that was cleard up a coupel of hours ago...again..but my issue persists. I cannot try from another computer or location right now. I certainly don't have any trusted friends I would give my credentials out to. For the record: PC stats: AMD A4-3400, 4GB RAM, Geforce GT610 GPU. Desktop running Mint Linux 16 32bit. Wired 60mb cable internet. Haven't rebooted router. Viewers tried: Firestorm latest -, Imprudence latest - 1.3.2b, Singularity latest - All 32bit I can try logging in from a Virtual Machine on this PC, but that's as different as I can make things right now, and if I have the same issues on the VM, the only specs I will be able to give you will be "Virtualbox standard specification", which is going to annoy more people than it informs. UPDATE: rebooted router and PC. Problem resolved. Thanks Nalates! Heaven only knows what was going on there...with a Linux system, you get used to not having to reboot. If I was still on Windows, it would have been the first thing I tried!
  2. Hi, I'm having a problem and I cannot find any other place to ask for help, so if this is in the wrong place, please tell me. I tried to file an official ticket, but the category just wasn't there! Here's my issue: Since Saturday, whenever I edit a prim, any prim, but specifically purchased boxes, I'm getting stuck at "Loading Contents". I've tried with multiple viewers, multiple accounts (thanks to my family sharing their login details with me), and whatever I try on this PC, I cannot see the contents of any object! Repeat: Multiple accounts across multiple viewers...this is not an isolated issue! It's something to do with my PC, or it's something to do with something restricting permissions from this IP, or it's a systemwide problem that nobody seems to be talking about. I've also tried clearing cache, manually deleting the system folder, making fresh installs of each viewer (Firestorm latest, Singluarity latest, Imprudence latest). PC stats: AMD A4-3400 APU, 4GB RAM, Geforce GT610 GPU, Mint Linux 16 OS. Zero problems before this weekend, no updates installed, no changes made to inworld preferences or website settings. Please help!
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