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  1. Recently made my first Kemono avi this morning. I've purchased many shoes but I can't seem to find a pair that works. Every pair of heels I've purchased don't arch my foot and just stay elevated and flat. Am I purchasing the wrong type or possibly missing a setting in the process. All sets I've bought don't come with anything besides the shoes and a ground offset that i can wear. And every pair i bought all say they are for Kemono. Cn anyone help me or give any advice?
  2. I've been on SL for a few days ago with the intentions to meet people and have all of these amazing experiences but I don't know where to even start. Every place I go to is empty and everyone I talk to usually never responds. This is my first time playing a game like this so I'm probably doing something wrong. Any suggestions on where I can start to makes this ideas and fantasies a reality?
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