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  1. I purchased the MP version of AVSitter2 and received V2.2 with the scripts being full perm. I am slowly migrating into OpenSim and would like to use AVSitter there. AVSitter 2 is written to compatible with LLS, will it work in an OpenSim project without massive rewriting of the code? If it is, is it simply a matter of copying the scripts in SL, redoing the scripts in an OpenSim grid and being able to use AVSitter? I am not a a scripter so if these seem like stupid questions, I do apologize.
  2. Thank you very much. New to building and new to Blender. A dangerous combination!!!
  3. If you don't mind my asking, what settings would you recommend? ....other than not using the one in question.
  4. Thank you.....the added explanation makes it way more obvious. I did not really understand exactly what that checkbox does. I appreciate your help.
  5. I am using Blender 2.78 and running under MAC OS. I am having sporadic issues of not being able to export to Collada using the presets for SL static mesh. I created an object, it happens to be an arched window. I created the first object, did an unwrap and produced the UV map. I successfully created the three faces that I wanted. I then used array to create and offset the second part of the window. I selected the object in edit mode, with the UV Map, selected export and then used the SL+OpenSim Static presets. I get the warning....."No objects selected - created empty export file" In an attempt to troubleshoot this, I tried the export but this time I selected the contents on the SL_OpenSim Static presets one at a time and it would export until I selected under texture options "Only Selected UV Map". Once I do that, the export fails. If somebody can help or needs to look at the file, I would happily provide it. This is on the verge of driving me crazy. Thanks for any assistance.
  6. First, thank you for the welcome to the forum. Thanks to both of you for your help. The technique worked beautifully and gave me just the result I wanted.
  7. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I will give this a try. Now for the "newbie" really dumb follow up question. When I export this into SL, am I able to export this modified UV map and if so, can I upload the texture separately in SL and then apply it to the imported mesh? Again, thank you for your help. The part that I now understand is that with the array UVMap, the maps for the rest of the array are there, just occupying the same space.
  8. Well, it took a little experimenting but if anybody is wondering about the answer.......SL does import the modifier but it textures each log in the stack exactly the same. It makes is pretty easy but does not give a very realistic looking result. The wall itself looks great because it does not have the "flat" look you see in most of the log homes in SL. With a little tweaking I managed to get the LI for a 20' x 12' wall down from 13 to 3 which is not bad. It's fun playing with something new. Thank goodness for the beta grid. :-)
  9. As you will no doubt figure out pretty quickly....I am new to building with mesh and new to blender. I have created a log wall in blender using the array modifier. Yep, a simple wall for a cabin. In edit mode, it only shows the original log and uv unwrap only unwraps the original log. I prefer to upload my textures separately from my mesh model. Once imported into SL, how will the texture be handled? Specifically, will the one texture be applied to all the individual parts of the mesh? Thanks for any assistance.
  10. Thanks Theresa, that is what I sort of figured......sims with shared sides make all of them visible from each region. It also seems that off sim objects work okay in that situation. The mysteries of SL.
  11. This is a dumb newbie question I am sure. I have purchased land in a private sim. Looking at the map, this entire area is done checkerboard style (i.e. all the sims adjoin but only at the corners. They do not share a common side. I can't see the other sims from my sim, even with my draw distance set to 1024 and my avatar positioned at the touching corner. If I TP into that sim, it renders. When I return to my region, the other region disappears after a short period and it appears as SL water. Do two regions have to share a common side in order to see it?
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