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  1. Hello, Resi, Thank you for good words ^-^ Its submissiveness systems: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/192838 Topic update: still looking for colleagues for 50/50 profit share ^-^
  2. Hello, I have done a MP product and since it become quite popular, people are offering tons of updates, there is so much work for one person to script all things: implementation with other system, add-ons and etc. Maybe there is anyone who knows LSL (Linden Scripting Language) quite good and would like to join a common project on commissions 50/50? - LSL language is must-know; - In-depth support for explaining of products, scripts and work done so far will be provided; Have a nice time in SL ^ ^
  3. Hello, I am wondering how does aeros production (HUD<->prims) or other separate objects communicate. I red that it works via linked-messages. But in wiki it writes that Linkedmessage function can communicate only in the same prim between scripts. Therefore, if there is 2 separate object, does the only solution is e.mail and http? Thank you ^^
  4. Wow, thank you all guys ! There is really a lot of magazines in SL. I just didn't know it. Most of them is adult rated and lots of fashion oriented too.
  5. Oh, something exist? I need to explore ^^ Thank you Alwin Update: I see they specialising that HUD on events only. I will do my further research to find if anyone working on interviews from market creators / places owners.
  6. Thank you! I just started to look for journalist and editors. I think it would be interesting too! Actually, I would read that magazine by myself, if that kind of thing would exist. Now just have few ideas about market product creators interviews / club owners experiences on how they made these places popular...
  7. Good to know there is something already Yea, i mainly want to put newspaper on Marketplace, but it will be also as freebie in clubs/places too. I think the idea would be to read something while in-world...
  8. Hello, i started to wonder about idea to publish a newspaper in some kind of Adult/Moderate topic (sponsored by paid advertisements in it) in format of HUD and publish it on Marketplace for 0L$. Maybe anyone knows if this kind of news-spreading type already existing / existed in Second Life? Maybe it failed as an idea? Also what do you think about that kind of Marketplace item? Would it be interesting to read about new clubs, some creator interviews and etc...?
  9. Land for sale: Polasido (16,80) (adult) https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Polasido/16/80 Auction start price: 3.000 L$ Parcel available for sale from Monday (March 19, 2018).
  10. Hello, Poehina. If you are still interested I could offer adult parcel (1032sqm) for 3.000 L$
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