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  1. Thanks very much Ardy This answer helps me a lot.
  2. I have been told that sim creators can monitor IM's. I would like to know if this is true Millie
  3. Hello it appears I am not allowed on Social Island. I do not think I did anything inappropriate. How do I find out if I did and what to do about it. I enjoy helping people who have just started. I still remember how frustrated I was when I started. Millie Lockwood
  4. Not the answers I wanted but thanks to all for letting me know. At least now I know I have to start over. Take care and enjoy SL
  5. I built a skybox in the mainland. I was trying to write a script to go up to it with limited success. I then found a script in the marketplace to do this and bought it. ( no response from the creator but it was very cheep) The script works well but the object that i inserted the script into 'follows me up into the sky ' it is always a bit below me ( can get exact coordinates if needed) can anyone tell me why this is happening or what I should do? Here is a copy of the script //_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/ //_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/
  6. Hi I was chatting with a young lady today and she knew I had 2 accounts and many of the details. She was very rude and may have been just guessing but I was curious, is there a way now to know? Doubting but curious MillieTG
  7. Thanks for all the help. Sorry for the late reply. I moved away to a different world and removed all attachments then reset health completely. All is now we'll. Not sure what actually fixed it. I just tried to do all that was posted.
  8. Hi Suddenly after being at Bonded Souls Asylum my avatar walks and stands like a monkey. I did not knowingly receive any new items from anyone. I have tried switching AO's Switching entire outfits, and restarting. I use firestorm and if I reset animations I am briefly back to normal and then the strange walk returns. There were 2 fellows there that acted a lot like grievers and I am concerned they may have done something. Anyone have any ideas? Millie
  9. Thanks so much Rolig - found 5 versions of it and 2 other small objects. I went from 58 available prims to 103 Take Care!
  10. Mine just started working again. finally had time to contact chat and tried it first. glad I did
  11. Hi I purchased a dynamic maternity advancement feature from Funsies. To start it up I had to rez it on the ground and set it up. I have found I do not like it and have been attempting to delete it. The funnies objects tend to be prim hungry. I have deleted all the objects related to in from my inventory and emptied the trash Yet when I am at home - and only at home, I still get messages from it. [20:41] Dynamic Maternity Advancement: Dimples misses daddy Which I think means it is still rezed somewhere on my property. I have used the parcel details - objects - show
  12. When I touch my Lindel premium member home control panel it says: Whoops! There was an error in processing your selection or the house is not responding. I am using firestorm. Any ideas what I should try? MillieTG Please click again on the house control panel inworld or try again la Whoops! There was an error in processing your selection or the house is not responding. Please click again on the house control panel inworld or try again later.I am
  13. HI I am using open collar. I have a folder to keep all my vital parts on when someone strips me via the collar menu command. But often I do not have my gender parts on so that my avatar smaller will be smaller. is there a way to add my *****, bottom and the hud when I am stripped. Or does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks for any input Millie
  14. If you are as new as I was, though this is great advise, it may not help you. There is a great manual for open collar on line. It explains the controls and how to get things to happen. Just do a search for Open Collar. You have to be using a bowser that supports RLV That means second life viewer will not work. Firestorm and others will. You have to be in Local chat for the command lines to work. They are very handy. To get a command lines to work you type the first 2 letters in your name then the command. There are other ways but this is the easiest in my opinion. So
  15. MillieTG


    I have a house in Vrana I am told this location no longer exist. Is Vrana down? Mille
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