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  1. I started playing Second Life for the first time about 4 days ago and have made many friends and learned so much! I am posting here to tell everyone a little about myself and hopefully find some new SL friends to spend time with :) Interestes: Animals, LSL, Weddings, Parties, Music, and so much more! I am a sensative person that loves the planet and all of its creations so please be considerate when talking to me about certain things (I am a passinate Vegan, so for example going into detail on a hunting trip would hurt my feels :( ) I enjoy trying new things so feel free to presure me into new SIMS and adventures! Thank you for reading over my post, I hope to meet some new Second Lifers soon!
  2. I will reach out to you as soon as possible regarding joining the team. Thank you for leaving your post here on the forum!
  3. I am willing to work on a project like this. The only stipulation I have it that the code is to remain open source. Ill try and contact you in game!
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