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  1. Just lowered to 6999L Will be abandoning it if not sold.
  2. Lowered again to 9,999L Come check it out! Will listen to any offers, don't want to let it go abandoned!
  3. Lowered to 14,999. Message me with any offers or questions. Thanks!
  4. Still available! I'm open to offers! Send a message or IM.
  5. Hello, just put up this plot of land up for sale. Sailable land, 2048sqm. Abandoned Land on two sides. 19,999L http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sphinx/227/201/21 Message me if you have any questions. Thanks!
  6. Katya, I tried contacting you a while back but I actually stepped away from SL for a little while. I was wondering if it was you that owned the Palma Beach sim because I had land on there and I guess I still have a lot of my items stuck there and I'd love to be able to get them back. Please let me know, THANKS!
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