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  1. Thanks, i´m used to here comments like the one he made, its ok and i´ll manage myself.
  2. thanks, there are good and helping ppl here. If you have any idea i´ll be glad to know, otherwise don´t reply with sarcasm. If you speak another language let me know, i speak four.
  3. Thanks Cindy, nice of you for helping me.Don´t worry i´ll manage. I´ll look for "my native language" places to solve the problem. I´m not in the mood to deal with ppl like Ethan that assumes i´m subnormal cause i cant read a damn statement. Have everyone a nice day
  4. No english is no my native, so im making an effort dear and the problem is not my system or my internet connection. And i can be patient, but let´s be honest, SL has be working really bad the whole weekend. If you have any idea just let me know. Thanks
  5. I did and the problem is te same, tha bar stops suddenly when reaching the location and kicks me out. Yesterday ive mange with debug session and finally connect, but im really tired cause if it persists the hell with sl, its really annoying and as far as i know some ppl experimented same problem.
  6. ive already sent a ticket and no one answers....
  7. Again the same proble...pffff. Impossible to reach destination when logging in, not even using debug session! Is there any issue with SL? Does anyone know? Im really tired of it---
  8. WOW Chibiusa! youre a genius, ive chosen "debug session" on preferences and im online now!!! Thanks a lot for your piece of advice!!!
  9. Thanks Chibiusa! yes ive already tried login at another location, even the recommended ones, but none of them seem to be reachable. The bar loads to a certain point and then kicks me out.
  10. I´ve already done Garnet, but it says i cant reach destination! i dont know, never had this problem....its annoying. Thanks fr your help
  11. No, it starts loading and suddenly crashes, like i cant reach destination. Maybe thats what you mean
  12. yes, well...is not my internet for sure, maybe its SL, no idea. Thanks for your answer
  13. I´m having HUGE problems to shoot my viewers, they connect but i never reach the base or any other place. Do you know if theres any issue with the grid? its been 2 hours since ive been trying! Thanks !!
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