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  1. My user name is basically BLAKE (pronounced the same too.) but it uses a capital "i" instead of an "L" and a "y" instead of an "A". I used the user name because not only does it look cool but it's a name I've always fancied.
  2. Hello. I was kinda curious if anyone could help me with a username issue.. well I would'nt say it's an issue more like a question, I was trying to make my user name on SL BLYKE but apparently the username is taken and when I looked for the name on the user data base ( BLYKE user) there seemed to be no trace of any avatar that uses that name, and I was curious if I could perhaps take that name because I had to make my name different using a "i" instead of a "L" and I really want that name so if anyone could point me in the right direction on where to go when it comes to this
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