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  1. I have to agree with you entirely. Second Life is a game platform used to simulate a literal second life to your real one. By that means you'd think people would follow basic game development practices. Upon my return a month ago I came here with questions on efficiency. I got a lot of good answers and frankly I am pleased with the results. I went from this To the now final form of my project All this accomplished because someone actually gave me a visual idea of what the model "should" look like. Sadly they appear to have deleted their comment from my post. I would have quoted them with a glorious thank you for that image they provided. Basically the primary model which is on the Highest LOD is around 304 poly and 262 vertices. Using the image they provided me I made the medium and low LOD's the same however the model used is 26 poly and 20 vertices with the lowest being nothing but a 2D cutout in the shape of the model. It sits at 8 poly and 10 verts, upon doing all this extra work. I get the satisfying feeling of that incredibly low LI and display ratio. So whoever showed me that image I truly do thank you for it.
  2. I decided to step away for a couple weeks. Upon my return I sat down and did some work. I think this will count as the final model. Doubt theres anyway I can get it more clean than what I have achieved. Here is the final object weights Display will most likely go down once I use the smaller res textures. But overall I wish to thank you all for your support in helping me get this to look good.
  3. Ello again people I return to my thread to show some updated progress on the pendant. Using suggestions shown to me here. I decided to make the object 2 prim instead of three and frankly I am very pleased by this. I made some tweaks and made the pendant less busy looking. I also even managed to learn how to do cycles texture baking. So now I can simulate metal textures. All I have left to do is come up with a necklace design to go with this. But now comes my next question. If I were to say attach this to the neck of the avatar. Will it move with the head or stay level with the torso? It has been so long I actually forgot about this. The mesh now uses only around 522 tri and 1091 verts. Here are the new weights of the model In comparison to the older model this one is much more efficient. The older model was using like 3300 verts and 1500 tris. Totally unacceptable in my opinion! So hopefully I plan to get this out on the market soon.
  4. Welp, I tried it out and lets just say I am in heaven. I thank you all for the assistance. Being able to merge my objects will make this so much easier. -edit- I have no bloody clue as to how I butchered the reply subject like that.
  5. Oh the viewer supports grouping? That actually makes things easier for me then. I use Wings3D for pretty much everything I do these days.
  6. Do you have any link regarding the multiple materials thing? If there is one thing I would love to do. It is exactly as you said with the being able to combine the models together as one.
  7. I will look into this blog, It seems exactly what I needed to know. Thank you!
  8. Aye everything you said was quite noted and exactly what I wanted to hear. Yes I to have in the past suffered at the hands of people using 1024x1024 textures....My computer was never happy about that. But anyway your message was very well put and I appreciate the assistance. I used to solely do my building using SL-Prims back in the old days. I never personally liked sculpties and thought of them as disgusting wastes of space in terms of poly counts. Sure they were nice for certain things. But when you enter a sim that is just hammered with them everywhere. Say good bye to your fps and sanity. I'll see about that decimation suggestion you made. I might just focus on keeping the crystal high detail but the frame, binding be low poly when people are not near.
  9. Thank you, I have made the edits suggested to my OP. Was wondering why the links were breaking like that. Guess LL still doesn't like image embedding
  10. Hello everyone, As the title explains I am a rather old creator who has returned under a new name. I highly doubt anyone even remembers my old one anyway. But regardless I am presently looking for guidance on mesh creations. Namely my question is aimed more at efficiency than anything else. So far I have created what I like to call low poly models. Textured them up and made them look all sorts of pretty. But so far I am unsure of what is considered a "efficient" to the SL-Viewer. Take my latest project which is this RPG Themed Crystal Necklace Pendant The model is 3 prims with a combined total of 1540 faces and only 772 vertices. Here is a game screen of the objects weights Since this intends to be a rather small object are these numbers going to be considered ok? I've done all I can to make sure it's as minimal as it can be. Also the next question comes to texture sizes. For testing purposes the model is currently using the full size 512x512 textures I made for all 3 meshes in the object. But when i plan to sell it they will be using 256x256 tetures. The most complex texture which is the crystal sits at 80kb of total diskspace for a good idea how much an impact the textures could have. Also another thing I would like an opinion on is the differences of my models. The crystal is obviously textured. But originally I wanted the binding and the mount to be using SL's shiny and color materials only. But after closer examination adding ambient occlusion to the two seemed to have made them more lively and stand out better. Here is a screen of the older model
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