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  1. I remember the old days of second life when it first started up.I was told what happened. I would like to share what i was told. Now i dont know how true it is but here is the story as told to me: Second life was put together by a professor who had contacts with the local police department in the states. When second life came on board to the general public it was a free for all situation where you could get a bit of land but had no control who came to your land. You also had no control over who could take your belongings from your land when rezzed out. This was a nightmare for residents. So the local professor asked for the help of one of his police friends for guidance on what laws could be set in a reality world. It is said that people joined a reality police force and they were given the authority to control the residents by baring people from sl if they played up. Well it wasnt long until this police force started treating the residents like dirt. The police force started taking over lands for themselves from the residents and making the rules up as they went. This in turn caused the residents to ban together and attack these virtual reality police stations/ departments which eventually caused the police to leave the lands and go off grid. Now i know the places off grid which are not accessible to residents do exist as i have been to two of them and they are not nice places. These off grid places i could only get too by strict permission from linden labs as i became a friend of tory linden. When i visited the first place it was full of police items from the old days of sl. The second place was not too great. This second place has no colors, no sky and no sounds. I call it the dead world. Its full of sand only. I believe that this is a place where griefers from the old days which was a computer blip in the programming of second life came from. Now days grievers are just people causing problems for other people. These days you have security for your land and rights to stop others taking your belongings etc. But back in the day it was totally different. I cant really give you and explanation regarding off grid places but i believe these exist where we wouldn't really tread once we are established on sl and certainly not a place newbies would know about. So the safest place to place off grid locations on sl is where newbies first enter second life as they know we dont ever really go back to this place when we are a resident of second life and as said, newbies wouldnt know about such places as they are knew to sl. So if you really want to try and locate an off grid place then i would recommend you be careful as it could ruin your avi and look in the most unlikely place being where newbies enter the realms of sl. One thing i will say though is this? Back in the day it was easy for the police to close your account down but not easy now. Also griefers can cause a lot of damage to your avi to such an extent that you close your account and start all over again. Not a nice thing to do to be honest. If you have never come across a griefer then ill explain. They are black dots that normally can be seen from your land in the sky in the far distance. They normally fly in formation of about three of them at any given time. They will stay off your land till the time is right to strike. If you try zooming in on your camera to them it does not work. They will still be seen as black dots in the far distance. No amount of security will keep them off your land. The only way to surely avoid their attention is to keep your spamming down on sl and not over do your local advertising of your services too much and to avoid visiting places that do not have many visitors on single islands around second life. Following these rules will help you to not bring too much attention towards yourselves. I had a previous account on sl and i visited certain locations and eventually my account vanished along with thousands of lindens to never be seen again. Take it from me, be careful on sl. It may be a reality game of enjoyment, but if you do not think on your feet then it can be a very heavy fall indeed. Never give out personal information about your rl life. never give personal log in details to anyone. Enjoy second life for what it is worth but always keep in the back of your mind that behind every avi is a real person and not everyone is as nice as they may seem by their avi appearances. Griefers as i forgot to mention can appear as a dead no motion avi with no 3D effect to them. These are the programming ones of sl. The griefers that are human appear as a normal avi but look ugly and wear everything we wouldnt be seen dead in so to speak. Think of the most ugliest avi ever and your on the right track of the griefer appearance. I truly hope this helps.
  2. As everyone has said. Their is no hack for obtaining any lindens for free. Why would anyone want to even think of committing such an offence. Firstly you will most certainly get banned from second life. You will certainly end up in serious trouble and its certainly not right for the genuine sl users. I have been a sl ussr for over 4 years and I have worked dam hard building my lands and most certainly my good reputation not only with other sl users but linden labs. If you wish to attempt to hack second life then all your attempts will fail. In all the time I have been a sl user I have come across many different types of users on sl ranging from RL men being women and like wise to grieffers to god knows what. Even people using one another. But never anyone so blatantly wanting info on how to hack the game. Do yourself a favour and walk away from anyone offering you any type of hack. You will certainly end up having your account deleted or even someone emptying your RL bank account. If you can't help but feel the need to attempt hacking second life then I suggest you delete your SL account and stay away from the reality of the game that the majority of us honestly enjoy.
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