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  1. Hello, I'm not sure if this is the proper place to ask this but I thought I might as well see. So in the past I've never had any issues but recently I've noticed that the textures for my lips have been blurred quite heavily and aren't fully applying, at least from my view on my second account. These two photos are from the same viewer, using the same lighting, after being fully rezzed on both and without moving. The one that is loaded properly is from the view of the character and the one that isn't loading properly is from my second account. It doesn't seem to matter if I wait
  2. Ah, it was the 32 bit version, apparently the link I downloaded from went straight to the 32 bit download instead of the actual Firestorm download page. Although I'm curious, why do you say crippling low FPS? I had it on Full Res Textures and I had a constant steady 120 fps the entire time and I was in rather large stores. Either way thank you for letting me know why it was capping out, I appreciate it.
  3. I noticed people on here posting that they use Firestorm and are able to set their Texture Memory to 2048. I was using Alchemy and didn't experience any texture thrashing with my texture memory set to 2048 and that in fact was the only real difference in settings I had when switching to Firestorm, however I was getting absolutely horrible texture thrashing on Firestorm but I noticed I couldn't increase my texture memory past 512 but I see people on here saying that they're able to. I was just curious if anyone could give any suggestions on why it's saying I can only set my texture quality in
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