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  1. For the benefit of any other purchasers of a new MSI gaming laptop with the True Colors programme, I am posting this to say that the problem of corrupt graphics on quitting Firestorm resolved itself on its own immediately after I had completed all the Windows Updates and also did an update to the latest version of MSI's Dragon Centre. I can now quit Firestorm in the normal way without any problems whatsoever. I strongly suspect it was the update to the Dragon Centre which did the trick. The message to any Firestorm user with a new MSI laptop who experiences the same problem is therefore to complete the Dragon Centre and Windows updates as soon as you can (and if you are using Firestorm in the interim to quit by means of End Task in the Task Manager). I hope this is helpful to others !!
  2. I understand what you are saying about the advantages of doing a proper fix but at the moment, especially while I am still getting used to the new laptop and in particular the Dragon Centre, I will continue with the End Task procedure. Hopefully in the future I will feel confident enough to carry out the proper fix. Meantime, I am once again very grateful for your kind help !!
  3. Many thanks for your very prompt and helpful response to my query. I understand what you say about losing settings changes and I've already noticed and wondered about this. May I please ask a supplementary question - will constantly using End Task to exit the Firestorm programme cause any problem or damage to Windows 10 (which I'm using) ? And if there is any potential problem for Win 10, how can I avoid or minimise this ?
  4. This week I took delivery of a new MSI laptop (GT72VR 6RE) with a Nvidia 1070 series graphics card and started using it to play Second Life via Firestorm. Immediately I also encountered the same Corrupt Graphics issue on quitting the game via the normal exit route but found I can also quit via End Task in the Task Manager without (apparently) experiencing any problems. From previous posts I realise the problem is caused by the MSI True Colours programme and that a solution has been found by creating a new colour profile for use when the graphics is corrupted. However to a silver surfer techno-challenged person like myself, the solution looks quite complicated and I would be worried about tackling it. Therefore would one of the more savvy experts here, please let me know if it is OK for me to simply continue to always quit Firestorm by means of End Task. Is there any danger or problems with this procedure (perhaps creating unnecessary memory dumps, as mentioned above?) and, if so, how can I avoid these problems or dangers. Many thanks in advance for all help !!
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