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  1. IvyLarae

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    This isn't exactly a peeve but to me its definitely cringe worthy. When you open up a profile, and someone has a hyperlink to a sentence like " want my attention? Click here!" And you click it and it just brings up the Pay box....when the Pay button is AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR INWORLD PROFILE!? I'm sorry but is escorting failing so bad you need a second pay option!?!? ( I said escorts but you rarely ever see anyone else but escorts do this) Like having that in your profile is just as cringe worthy as putting the link that if people click it, it changes their avatars to something silly like a monkey or chicken just.....WHY!?
  2. IvyLarae

    deleted post

    Feel free to roast me, I'm honestly curious to see what you say lol
  3. With the sky being the limit on this platform, its got me wondering what you all use it for??? Do you use it just hang out with friends? To create? Is it your RL job? For me its a way to express myself and explore things that I simply can't/ am uncomfortable exploring in RL I use it to role-play Hang out with friends Take pictures Shop What about you?
  4. IvyLarae

    deleted post

    This thread isn't half as nonsensical as your "MEN FORCED ME TO BE HIS RL GF" thread
  5. IvyLarae

    deleted post

    It cracks me up that the only 2 threads I've seen you post, you've requested both to be locked when you've seen people call you out on your nonsense 😂😂😂
  6. Then the title and the entire thread is misleading lol
  7. IvyLarae

    Lines that annoy you most

    Another thing that annoys me, is when your in a group, either talking or posting an rp lure and someone just just responds with /me yawns ...... Like somebody hold my wig because I'm about to woop some *bleep*!
  8. IvyLarae

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    I just seen a group of girls in the L'Etre group off about this The conversation was: [13:59] A: Hello!I accidentally bought a skin on a man's body((((( [14:00] B: never a better time to make a male version of yourselrf [14:00] B: *yourself [14:00] B: lol [14:00 C: Just dress nicely. Don't be one of those shirtless, shoeless men. [14:00] D: ohh boy that sucks ;-; [14:01] A: I'm not interested. [14:01] E: lmao [14:01 ]F: haha i know of a few of those
  9. Firstly, I've been pretty vocal in regards of people calling SL a game. It can be depending on what you get on for, theirs games within SL but SL over all isn't. As for shaming peoples avatars, I wouldn't necessarily call it body shaming, though it is disrespectful, because an avatar more or less is an extension of who you are. Maybe a better term for it is virtual slander but just because someones making fun of an avatar doesn't make it any less disrespectful or real. Just my opinion.
  10. IvyLarae

    Kellenia, where are you?

    Sadly that happens A LOT in SL in general. I've had friends I used to talk to all the time suddenly stop logging in and havent heard from in years, and although I worry about them and wonder what happened, unless you had contact outside of SL with them (Facebook, Discord, skype, texting, calling etc) There really isn't any sure way to get news except wait and hope they log back in eventually, and leave them messages and NC's and so on
  11. IvyLarae

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    Yeah, those women suck. The only time I have a problem and critique how a man( and a woman) looks is if they haven't bothered to update their avi's since the the day they joined. especially the elder accounts that have been around 10+ years and still wear sculpt and prim clothing, sculpt hair, no AO, etc etc. I don't however ridicule people who make an effort ( Unless they criticize me and are rude about, then they're fair game xDDD)
  12. IvyLarae

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    Thought of a couple new ones (I may have already said these, but I ain't about to read through 11 pages worth of replies to see lol) People with ridiculous names like "Billy bobs baby girl" or" Jimmy's worthless slave" When people I decide to cut contact with and block IM's members of my SL family asking why I blocked them Being told that how I have my avi dressed isn't " The way a woman should dress" Admins of RP sims who won't follow their own rules but expect everyone else to
  13. IvyLarae

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    Why not, instead going at it like people are stupid, which is what you are putting off, you actually list some examples and ways instead of coming off as border line condescending
  14. IvyLarae

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    Odds are this person doesn't know of any ways this can be done, other wise they would list some instead of going around in circles like they are
  15. IvyLarae

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    I know of only one thing that could possibly be used for ill intent. It's called the SIN tracker, it's primarily used to find people to role play with, but depending on how you have it set up, people can see and tp to where you're at