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  1. Heres some new ones Creators who can't take constructive criticism of their products SL Doms who don't read profiles, and asking me soemthing that could have been answered if they read it People who drag things that have nothing to do with the topic being discussed simply because they don't agree with me
  2. Me and you both and I hate that I'm like that now because I wanna meet new people and connect with them but I swear its like the SL gods flip a coin every time someone IM's me and I'm sitting there holding my breath and praying it won't go bad lol (And yes, that was a paraphrased Game Of Thrones Reference, I couldn't resist xD). Its one of the many reasons that SL has just become a glorified chat room for me now because I rarely leave my home sim for anything other than shopping or when I get brave enough or have the mental stamina for it, to RP. Its so bizzare, SL is more popular than its ever been but it feels in some odd way that its somehow shrunk despite the amount of people who continue to join.
  3. And like, I know that SL has become notorious for people that aren't the healthiest mentally, that's just common sense at this point, its called Second Life, so what else would I expect, right? But it just seems like the more people that learn about SL, the crazier its user-base becomes. Back about 9 or so years ago, yeah there were still crazies in SL, but hey were a rare occurrence, I think back when I first joined SL I met maybe...3-10 in the first 4-5 years into Second Life but now they seem to be a weekly thing. Just last night I was at home, updating my head since the Catwa updates were rolling out, and while I was doing that I was chatting in one of a few role-play themed groups I was in. This girl, who hadn't said a word in the group IM's me and asks me the most bizarre stuff ( well, maybe not so bizarre considering what the group was geared towards, but whatever). She starts talking about what her masters ( Referrring them as " Sirs") does and what she likes doing to other girls. She asks me if I have a master, I told her I didn't but I had a mistress who was also my wife. I don't know if she was homophobic or just doing it to get a rise out of me, she was odd but for some reason, after she mistook what a mistress means, she started calling me a *****, or saying I must be butch in RL with tattoo's and just.....The conversation was odd and I'm sure it ended with me getting blocked ironically. She told me to leave her alone despite her being the one to contact me first and said I was so PC and it was just...laughable because she couldn't even answer any of the questions I asked her
  4. I don't like generalizing people... At all honestly, but the amount of times I've had a guy go and just completely lose their minds when I voice I don't want to spend all my time with them, or have other things I do besides spend time with them is enough to make me hesitant to start a conversation with a guy I don't already know. I mean heck just a couple weeks ago a guy that had absolutely lost their mind because of the two weeks I spent playing and talking to them there are like three days that I simply didn't feel like talking or playing with him, that I have something else going on or simply just didn't feel like hanging out with him and he would absolutely lose. His. Mind! I'm not exaggerating when I say this, he would literally get up all of his feelings and take it very personal if I told him I simply wanted to do something else or just wanted to do my own thing. And this happened almost every single time I said that to him. So when he tried to come back into my life and play it off like nothing happened, any desire I had to ever play or be with him died the third time he went off on me, and I told him as much and I haven't heard from him since
  5. Ah, well that explains why most of my conversations with new people usually end with me as the newest addition to someones Block List......I'm screwed then because I can't NOT be blunt or frank ...... RIP me
  6. People, usually men, who get pissy with you when you reject them. This happens in RP a lot, two nights ago I was in an RP with someone who was absolutely horrible at it, posted a bunch of single liners, barely gave me time to type and respond to his "emotes". I tried to continue it for about 30 minutes, but it began to feel more like work than play so I told him " To be frank, I'm not enjoying this RP so I'm gonna TP out", he wasn't either so I thought all was good, After I get off the TP screen I see I have a couple new IM's from this guy, saying a few things that are just too vulgar for me to reiterate, saying " I needed more action in my life" ( I'm paraphrasing here) and called me a *****....then proceeded to justify disrespecting me as since that was the sims theme so it was okay.....Keep in mind that A. I had already TPed out before I got those messages so I wasn't on the sim and B. IM's are always....ALWAYS OOC ( Out Of Character). This guy clearly didn't know the difference between IC and OOC and even told me he doesn't take anything in SL seriously or real, which again was a poor excuse for disrespecting me
  7. Yep, that ***** hurts. A person i was in a relationship with a few years ago lied to me constantly, made up excuses ti unpartner me, he was one of my first SL relationships and back then I didn't know any better when it came to partnerships so when he would tell me that he needed to unpartner me to save L$ because it charged him a weekly fee I believed him, he also tried getting with every one of my female friends, told them that we had broke up when we hadn't, that whole relationship was a ***** show lol
  8. Im not trying to sound rude or condescending but if said person is that much of a bother to you, why not delete and block them? I mean if they make you dread logging in/ keep you from logging in then I'd personally see it as time to cut them out of my life, especially if I've told them numerous times to not message me as soon as I login and they do it anyway out of spite. After all, Second Life is supposed to be a fun, (mostly but not always) drama free escape and if something or someone is stopping it from being that, then it's time to fix it
  9. OMG that sucks! That would kill me because literally the only three colors I wear are purple, red, and black. .. and sometimes White, but it's primarily black, so it won't my favorite store started making it a fat pack exclusive color oh, I will probably just Rage Quit and never log back in LMAO
  10. I had this same issue with a person who wanted to reconnect with me a little over a week ago. My viewer would barely have time to load in before he would message me, he was also one of those types that keeps his viewer online 24/7, even when he's sleeping or AFK for hours at a time. After about 2 days I deleted him. It honestly stresses me out and makes me dread logging in if i know I'm gonna get flooded by IMs from someone. An ex partner if mine would do this too. I would literally check the SL site to see if he was online before I would log in, but it wouldn't be even 2 minutes later he would log in too, and it would happen every. Single. Time no matter when i logged in, I always imagined him just sitting there and spam clicking refresh till I popped online because I couldn't, and still can't figure out how else he woulda done it
  11. You coulda sent him my way, home girl could always go for a shopping spree 😂😂😂
  12. I at one point had around 30+ alts, but now I am down to ( not including this account) 3 that I regularly use for roleplay and photography purposes. I am sometimes on one more than the others for a while, because for whatever reason that one may make me feel good about being on it, make me feel cute, dark, sultry, etc.
  13. Heres a new one I have been hearing a LOT lately I will get an IM from someone who isn't speaking English, and since I only know that language, I will tell them to please speak in English. they will translate but not before they say, or shortly after " You do realize not everyone is American/ speaks English, right?" ( not usually in that way but along the lines of that)..... I usually come back with a sarcastic remark like "No, really!? I hadn't noticed" Or" Well duh, but that doesn't change the fact I only speak English, Dumb*bleep*!" I've even been called racist because of this, which was both hilarious and infuriating....WHAT DOES RACE HAVE TO DO WITH IT YOU RACE CARD PULLING *BLEEP*?! VDMRRKJBFKBK
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