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  1. I've done a bit of everything over the years, stripping,dancing,tried escorting,done photography,helped people make over their Avis, created shapes for people, wrote stories, hosted at clubs
  2. Why can't they? There are several ways of getting L$ that doesn't involve a credit or debit card. I've never had payment info and I'm full mesh
  3. What really shocked me was in the first conversation I couldn't have asked for a friendlier one. I believe I had even told him that I was looking forward to role-playing with him because we have similar kinks and interests,so it surprise see me when I came back from being afk and seen that from the same person. Guess it was a good thing that he showed his true colors early, saved me the headache 🤷
  4. I don't really know how to explain this peeve, so I'm just gonna say what happened A couple nights ago I was at an RP sim that is geared towards adult themes, and while I was roleplaying with something I get an IM from someone and we start talking. We discuss the things we like to RP and he wanted to TP me to hang out, so we could be sorta face to face so to speak, but I was already busy so I told him I couldn't. He asked me after I was done to let him know and we could hang out and I said okay. Now keep in mind RP's usually take atleast 2-4 hours depending on what we're doing. While I was RPing I noticed the guy had hopped offline, so I thought nothing of it and closed the IM window we had been talking in. Now I hadn't noticed he had logged back in, I just assumed since it was late he had logged for the night. Two days later, when he are both logged in at the same time he IM's me and the conversation went like this ( Amori is me by the way, hence why I didn't change the name): [2020/03/26 13:21] Guy: So you took off the other day without letting me get a look at you, like I had asked. [2020/03/26 13:21] Guy: One of those types? [2020/03/26 13:22] Guy: Rhetorical question. Take care [2020/03/26 13:24] Amorí (SeleneBolin): How did I take off? you had logged off before I had become free [2020/03/26 13:31] Amorí (SeleneBolin): I didn't get done RPing till like 1 in the morning, and by the time I had become free you were offline but sure, blame me. Have a good day [2020/03/26 13:33] Guy: I was still online when you logged out lol [2020/03/26 13:33] Amorí (SeleneBolin): [2020/03/24 20:10] Guy: Lemme know when you're free so I can get a look at ya. [2020/03/24 20:10] Guy: [2020/03/24 20:10] Amorí (SeleneBolin): Okie I will 😃 [2020/03/24 20:11] Guy: Thank you. [2020/03/24 21:23] Second Life: Guy is offline. [2020/03/26 13:34] Guy: Yes. It's called a crash. I logged back in immediately afterwards. [2020/03/26 13:34] Amorí (SeleneBolin): Well I didn't see you log back in, either way I don't put up with belittlement simply because I didn't do what you wanted [2020/03/26 13:35] Guy: Then why the ***** are you bothering with these IM's? Get the ***** out of here, you cancerous *****. [2020/03/26 13:36] Amorí (SeleneBolin): Did you really expect me to say nothing to your snotty IM's? If you don't want me to respond, don't *****ing IM me you egotistical ***** Now I had never met this guy before in my life. If I had bailed on him before then I would understand his frustration but that had been the only time I had talked to him and I even told him what happened. If you can't be understanding that things happen then thats your problem and not mine
  5. Can we talk about "Child" Avi's using baby talk for a second? I absolutely ABHOR baby talk. If you're Roleplaying as a toddler (1-4 years old ) I can excuse it, but most claim to be 6 and up and I'm just sitting here like "Have you actually HEARD a 6 year old talk?" Dey shore don't talkz like deese! Like for *bleep* sake every time i see it it makes me wanna claw my eyes out and drink battery acid!
  6. Heres one I've been meaning to post (may already have, theirs 120 pages, not going back to look lol) When I'm role-playing with someone and its a fight scene, or a scene that involves me struggling or getting into an altercation with the person I am role-playing with and the person simply doesn't acknowledge it in any way, or acts like i didn't just try to punch/ kick/ slap them Example, this literally JUST happened: [2020/03/08 19:33] Iᴠʏ RᴀᴇBᴇʟ - Sᴀʀᴀsᴡᴀᴛɪ (IvyLarae) screamed out when she was slapped, feeling her teeth sink into her lip from the impact as well as her face throb. She was putting up one hell of a bravado as she glared at him. Ivy had very long, pointed nails and at the threat she would try to rake them in a quick swipe across his face, if she succeeded she would catch him right along his cheek and she'd probably leave red welts and would try to bolt off the bed if she distracted him enough [2020/03/08 19:38] RP Partner ( Name changed out of respect) laughs as she gets all jacked on him. "So you wanna play rough. Good. I'm probably gonna make you cry for me to let you and your boy toy go." As an RPer literally NOTHING will turn me against an RP quicker than this specific thing, like ffs how hard is it to simply emote dodging said actions? don't completely ignore them!?
  7. oooooh okay,my bad hun,sometimes its hard to tell with text
  8. Maybe, IDK honestly, the way I read it it didn't seem like she was lol
  9. You were fine with someone else linking my forum, you even quoted her, but why is it not okay for me, the person who created the forum, to do it?
  10. When your rent runs out and all your stuff gets returned in one large blob that you gotta rez out and take apart -.-
  11. Here's my NO! List item People who post another thread to try and copy an already popular thread that is catered to this very thing. Hi, my names Ivy, and I created the Pet peeves thread almost 2 years ago and it has almost 120 pages Stay original y'all ❤️
  12. I'm not sure what I was expecting when I came on this thread, but it sure wasn't what I just read, and thats a good thing ( I expected this thread to get ripped into for some reason so I'm glad it didn't) I'm glad you found who you were looking for and wish you both the best! ❤️
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