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  1. Awwww thats sad they had to leave, but you look amazing! And very cute! <3
  2. I haven't posted here since I got a new skin, so here it is! =D
  3. A few days ago me and my SL mother and friend were talking about our early days on on the platform, and we both had some pretty insane stories that gave us a good laugh What are some of your all's earliest memories on SL? One of mine was, I used to hang out at this adult sim called Tropicana quite a bit back about 8 or so years ago, I used to pretty much stay there and just cause general chaos lol. I'll spare the details because this is a general rated forum, but one time I got a pop notifying me that my avatar had became pregnant. Keep in mind I had only been about a month or so into SL at the time and knew next to nothing in general lol. I literally thought at the time what I had in my inventory was all I was allowed to have. It goes without saying, I absolutely freaked out and lost my mind when I got that notification. I remember IMing a friend of mine at the time absolutely losing it like 'What am I gonna do?! I'm gonna have to create a new account! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALP!" .....It wasn't one of my finer moments. But what are some of y'alls???
  4. Mind me asking which store this is? Lol
  5. This is something I have dealt with, pretty much since I signed up on my main alt and its only seem to have gotten worse as the years go on People who will IM you, not talk to you in local, but IM you to talk, then you TP out for whatever reason, whether it be go to shopping or something, then they act like they can't continue the conversation because they can't see you.... We're in an IM!? why does this happen so often, and it seems to be more of a growing problem than a shrinking one?! I understand sometimes you want them to be in the same room, but unless the place is packed, why not talk to me in local if your not gonna treat it any differently?! CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME? Because this is an issue that is only grown in the entirety of my residency on this platform?
  6. The thing is, treating SL as a game leads to problems. People start to think they don't need to respect others because in their eyes its "Just a game" is the main one. SL isn't just a game to everyone. To some its a hobby, to some its their RL career, and yes to some its an escape or a port to explore things they don't feel comfortable/ safe in doing in RL. I won't deny there are some who will put it first over their RL, and those people are just....whew, they need help lol. I think the best term to describe SL isn't a game, but a virtual platform
  7. While I agree that your RL is more important than any game or role play you participate in, you need to keep in mind that the games or role play you participate INCLUDE other people behind the keyboard, despite the character they play while role-playing. The characters they play may not be real, but the people behind them very much are and you should still consider, if you made plans to role play with them that you need to cancel due to RL, letting them know so that way they won't be left waiting on you because they think your gonna log in and haven't been told other wise. Just because you've encountered people wont don't get upset if you don't show up, doesn't mean you should justify not letting them know. I try my best, if something comes up, whether it be I am simply not feeling up to it or a RL emergency to come up, to let the people I made plans with know And I'm glad, but just because it isn't real, or because its happening in SL, doesn't mean you shouldn't let them know that theirs been a change in plans. Yes, SL is virtual, but the people who use it are not
  8. Or better yet, why not put it IN the notice? Lol
  9. Since we're on the topic of Role-play and so forth, this isn't exactly a line, but an expectation so I feel it could still feel fall into this category Last night I got into a bit of an argument ( Thats putting it mildly) with a guy who in his profile stated that he wouldn't even play with someone if they didn't have RLV folders set up, didn't have MD cuffs. iControl, etc etc. the TL:DR version was I sent him a very politely worked statement on it and asked why he required it, and how i felt about RLV in itself. He proceeded after about a minute into the conversation to belittle me, call me vulgar names, calling me rude and claiming he's gonna have me banned from ALL RP sims and groups because I simply didn't have the same beliefs he had ( I admit I started ripping into him too once i seen he wasn't gonna be respectful towards me, but where I think he was getting offended by it, I was amused and playing a long because it was one of the bizarrest and cringiest arguments I've ever had xD) The point of me saying all of this, is it annoys me when people who rely heavily on RLV and claim its the only role-play that is right when it isn't. I use Minimal RLV, I wear a collar that my SL wife has locked and blacklisted me on, and its on ask only mode, thats it. i personally find that people who rely heavily on it are just....* shudders*
  10. I've been through that before. About a month or so ago I had someone claimed that because of my limits, no one wanted to role-play with me, they were trying to get me banned from the Sim for it. They even claim they had people talk to them about me about it, it was ridiculous and funny because I've had the same limits for years and no one has voiced any problems with them until then, I've even gotten rid of some of them over the years, so it baffled me the level of the guy was going to to try to get rid of me because of the four hard limits I had
  11. I think I've said one of the two I'm about to post already but ah well, not about to sift through 22 pages worth of posts to see lol 1. When guys get in my IM's and tells me " Wow you'd look better if you weren't covered in tats/ had less piercings/ wore longer or more feminine styles" Well firstly my avatar's arent customized to please your eyes, their customized to please mine and mine only. Secondly unless I ask for it, I don't want your unwarranted opinions, I don't Randomly IM guys saying "Man I wish you looked more like a biker dude" I ask you to show me the same courtesy. 2. When stores only give out gifts that are half the quality that their paid for products are. It annoys me because it speaks legions about the store creator. If I see a store's gifts are poor quality while the other things you pay for are gorgeous, then odds are you won't see me shopping there. Just because you won't be making money off the gifts doesn't mean that you shouldn't put your all into it
  12. I see where your coming from and its funny you state that, I was talking to a friend last night about this actually. I stated I don't actively go looking for a boyfriend/ girlfriend/ partner because I am a firm believer, if you're looking for it you'll never find it, and I half joked and was half serious when I next said "I wonder if the same mind set should be used to a master/ Mistress" Yep that was me! lol and HA! Got you to roast me anyway =P *Does a victory dance* Couldn't tell ya how many times people have accused me of having DID or something because of my alts lol its been pretty funny. And you got all but one right, its '50 shades of Ivy/Lore Da'ae/Sabrina/A.J./Rhiannyn and not gonna lie, that would be a book I would read, it would be funny to see lol On a more serious note though I do see where you're coming from. I've had that pick off and on in my ( I've got it on both AJ's and Sabrina's, though I havent been on Sabrina's in Ages so I understand both picks are different on each) profile for almost a year and only a few have asked about it. I understand where my profile(s) can be pretty confusing, even after my efforts to make it less so. As for what I want...Maybe I do want a story based sort of D/S relationship then I do an actual one, I've never really thought about it ( I know, thats sad on my part, it just hadn't crossed my mind till now).
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