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  1. You can derender people, and I usually walk around with friends only activated for that very reason, but just because you can't see the, doesn't mean the complexity and script count of their avatars doesn't boggle down a sim. You may not be able to see them, but their avatars are still on the sim and the unneeded attachments they have, dogs, cats, wings, Particle bumpers, spankers etc can still cause a significant amount of lag on a sim
  2. So I'm a bit late with this, but I just realized this forum turned a year old a few days ago. i never thought it would have gotten 10 replies, and its surpassed 100 pages, which has just, blown my mind to be honest. So to celebrate I thought I would post an updated list and to say thanks for sort of making this Unofficial-yet-official rant page of sorts and keeping it (For the most part anyway, we've had our moments when stuff has gotten pretty heated LOL) civil when discussing the things that annoy you most, I didn't expect this forum to continue going for as long as it has, so thanks y'all so much for that, heres to hoping this forum is still active come this time next year, and many more to come ❤️ Above is my old list, so below is a new one Empty Profiles are still one So are the unreadable fancy fonts and no AO When you ask for store recommendations and theirs always that one person who goes "MP"....the MP isn't a store! its a place where you can FIND stores! People who wear, companions (Cats, dogs) Wings, bumpers, spankers and other unnecessary things to shopping events, that are known for lag to begin with! People who go off if you can't spend every minute with them and arent willing to drop everything your doing when they log in Sympathy Seekers. The people who will whine about noone caring about their problems or about them, but refuse to talk about it when asked. People who can't take a joke, No matter how careful you are about the jokes you crack, theres always one whose gotta get offended People being rude when you are simply trying to help them Unrealistic proportions on Avatars When your mesh bits don't match
  3. I'm a hostess with 6 years worth of experience in her belt. I can: post events sent out notices, use contest boards, put streams on and working (Using the land stream) I can keep a very friendly conversation going with the VIP's as well as banter and talk with the DJ I've worked at places such as Chained, Wildcat Country and Southern Rock, Club Stir, Dolls of Death, Shey's Place, Ol Red's Barn, Club Hellfire I would like to work at a heavy metal and rock place that has pretty good traffic and the tips are really good and the VIP's are pretty chatty and active I'm fine with some of my tips being taken, but I would at least like to get 95% if not 100% If I sound like the perfect hostess for your club please hit me up in-world at ivylarae resident or reply here at! Thanks ❤️
  4. I think I posted about this in the spread before, but I can't remember and I'm not going to go back and read through 89 pages LOL but this relates to what y'all are saying. what really annoys me is when you open up someone's profile and I have the hyperlink sentence "click here to pay me" and it just brings up the pay dialog box, what you would naturally get if you just click the pay button on their profile! Like I don't get it, at all! What is the point in that?! It doesn't make me want to send you free money just makes you look desperate and greedy! And nine times out of ten, its escorts or financial doms/dommies that do it!
  5. This took me WAY too long to read! I legit had to start over 5 times before I got it😂
  6. Theirs a lot more to an adult rating than simply showing skin, because being makes in general isn't a sexual thing. We were born naked, we bathe naked and their is nothing sexual about either of those. It's what you're doing while naked is what makes it adult/erotic.
  7. This isn't primarily an SL thing, but oh well People who cry about others not getting their sense if humor, while taking other peoples jokes seriously or belittling them for theirs
  8. No actually I do have to agree with you there. Charging almost 500L for a shape is ridiculous. I think at most 100L would be enough. I typically don't charge for shapes when people ask me to create one for them, if they want to pay me that's cool, if they don't fine, but charging what most charge for a mini fat pack or a shoe fat pack, yeah it's ridiculous. I will give you that!
  9. Why exactly is charging for a shape such a bad thing? This mentality could be used for pretty much everything in Second Life. "It can be hard making clothes in Second Life, but charging for them? Come on." See what I did there? Anytime I create a shape it takes me an hour to 3 hours depending on what I'm trying to do. You saying that people charging for a shape is ridiculous when to me that comes off as insulting to Anyone who puts a lot of time and effort into creating these very nice shapes. Creating shapes just as much of an art form as creating houses, creating clothes, creating hair, creating pets, Etc, people who create these shapes and put them up for sale deserve to learn from their efforts.
  10. I didn't either, I feel unloved😂😂😂
  11. I want to know where you people hang out at! I want to get offered this! 😂
  12. Wow I havent been here in * counts the pages* Holy ***** 7 pages?! Well then... I hope y'all are well and being respectful lol I've got a couple new peeves to add, and actually this ties in to what I seen someone talking about here: This! Both SL and FB, it seems like no matter how politely you put your statement, people will take any sort of statement about avatars personal and go off about them. I made a peeve list on the SL friends group of FB and most of them had to do an avatars appearance (Disproportionate Avatars, Splayed Bento hands, etc) and people got so heated over it I had to delete the post. went about personally attacking me, posted things I had on my alts profile in the comments and using it as a means to attack me, people asking me to post a picture of my avatar, even though my FB profile pic IS a picture of my avatar the over all reaction was honestly startling and made me uneasy. in the span of an hour I got around 200 comments and almost ALL of them were nasty. The Growing problem of rude business owners in SL, From the Owner of the Brand Brittany Golden, to the Owner of the event LEVEL and the creator of of a popular vendor system. and This is anything from how the respond to constructive criticism, to how they respond to blogger applicants asking for feedback and even general customer support, it seems like theres a gradual decline in SL Professionalism and a growing lack of tack and human decency, its like these people don't seem to get that how they treat people, whether it be a customer or a potential staff member, reflects on their business, especially if it gets out how they act I posted on facebook about this one so I'm just gonna paste the status here: I've gotten to where I strongly dislike getting the "Hi/ Hello/ Hey" IM's. I'm not against talking to people, I can talk ya ear off if what we're talking about is interesting but more times than not I never know how to keep these conversations going and it seems like the person on the other end doesn't really know why they've IM'ed me either. I'm not kidding when I say this is usually how every "Hi" IM goes: Person: Hi Me: Heya =) Person: How are you? Me: I'm good and how are you? Person: I'm good too Me: Thats good =) *long pause later* Person: So what are you up to? Me: oh not too much, store hopping mostly, what about you? Person: Not too much, just standing around Me: Awww hehe *After another long pause and person not saying anything, I close the window* Anyone who knows me know I can be easy to talk to but if you don't give me SOMETHING other than Hi to work with then the odds are of it leading to a dead conversation in 5 minutes is pretty high. TL;DR version, please IM me with something more than Hi, please lol It'll be less awkward for the both of us!
  13. Heres some new ones Creators who can't take constructive criticism of their products SL Doms who don't read profiles, and asking me soemthing that could have been answered if they read it People who drag things that have nothing to do with the topic being discussed simply because they don't agree with me
  14. Me and you both and I hate that I'm like that now because I wanna meet new people and connect with them but I swear its like the SL gods flip a coin every time someone IM's me and I'm sitting there holding my breath and praying it won't go bad lol (And yes, that was a paraphrased Game Of Thrones Reference, I couldn't resist xD). Its one of the many reasons that SL has just become a glorified chat room for me now because I rarely leave my home sim for anything other than shopping or when I get brave enough or have the mental stamina for it, to RP. Its so bizzare, SL is more popular than its ever been but it feels in some odd way that its somehow shrunk despite the amount of people who continue to join.
  15. And like, I know that SL has become notorious for people that aren't the healthiest mentally, that's just common sense at this point, its called Second Life, so what else would I expect, right? But it just seems like the more people that learn about SL, the crazier its user-base becomes. Back about 9 or so years ago, yeah there were still crazies in SL, but hey were a rare occurrence, I think back when I first joined SL I met maybe...3-10 in the first 4-5 years into Second Life but now they seem to be a weekly thing. Just last night I was at home, updating my head since the Catwa updates were rolling out, and while I was doing that I was chatting in one of a few role-play themed groups I was in. This girl, who hadn't said a word in the group IM's me and asks me the most bizarre stuff ( well, maybe not so bizarre considering what the group was geared towards, but whatever). She starts talking about what her masters ( Referrring them as " Sirs") does and what she likes doing to other girls. She asks me if I have a master, I told her I didn't but I had a mistress who was also my wife. I don't know if she was homophobic or just doing it to get a rise out of me, she was odd but for some reason, after she mistook what a mistress means, she started calling me a *****, or saying I must be butch in RL with tattoo's and just.....The conversation was odd and I'm sure it ended with me getting blocked ironically. She told me to leave her alone despite her being the one to contact me first and said I was so PC and it was just...laughable because she couldn't even answer any of the questions I asked her
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