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  1. Since we're on the topic of Gachas, I HATE that the marketplace is such a gacha dump. Don't get me wrong, I'd much rather wait till a full set of something I want hits the MP so i don't waste L$, with that being said i hate that its become such a flooded thing
  2. Stores that make you go to their inworld location to get a demo, and the sim is so laggy its physically impossible to shop Oh and People who charge for demo's, I refuse to shop at those places out of spite
  3. I don't recommend a mobile client for everyday use, especially if you wanna take photo's, role-play, shop etc, but I do recommend it if you need to hop on an alt for whatever reason, need to pay rent, send something to a friend, etc, or if your on lunch break at work and you wanna log in and talk while you eat, small stuff like that
  4. When they are being Rude When they won't take no for an answer when they show their crazy and threaten your life When they can't show a single bit of maturity When they try to gaslight you When they try to Catfish you When they lie to you when they start bashing you for how you look or act When they won't leave you alone despite multiple polite requests When they take things too far When you get uncomfortable I don't really think theres a WRONG reason to block people, if you feel its necessary then do it
  5. I totally agree with this one! It's fine to have a pick about it, I do but if you have your About Me section your partner as well as 3 it more pics about them, it makes me roll my eyes. Like d*nm, it's sweet you love them and all, but im reading your profile to get a better idea of how to engage YOU, not your partner. Chill!
  6. Newest pet peeve of mine. When i post an RP lure in a group and wait on the connected sim, I usually wait around 15 minutes to see if anyone bites, then if they don't I leave and find somewhere else to go. What I've seen a rise of though, is people IMing me asking me why I left, that their sad to see me go or better yet, they start TALKING ABOUT all the things they want to do with me..... like..... WHY DIDN'T YOU ACCEPT THE LURE AND COME ROLE-PLAY WITH ME THEN!?!?!?! This annoys the sh*it out of me, I put a lot of thought into my emotes, they are usually para style so when people don't come by with a response I already feel frustrated because it was a waste of effort and time, so people getting in my IM's IMMEDIATELY after I leave really rubs me the wrong way
  7. So, with that state of mind, your basically saying anyone who wears a bikini to a beach, just for an example, that it is basically their fault if they get cat called, hit on, unwanted advances, or even worse, assaulted that its their fault because of what they may or may not be wearing and covering up. Thats both Sl*t shaming and victim blaming when in reality, like you said (Though I am paraphrasing here) that guys would hit on you even if you were in a nuns outfit. Its not the woman's fault at all, its societies fault for not teaching men to treat women like human beings with respect and dignity instead of objects to be subjected to their sexual wants and needs. We rarely tell men its their fault that we look at them because they walk around shirtless or with saggy pants, why should women be told to cover up, or that its their fault that they are getting unwanted attention? Not only is your statement very flawed, its disgusting and if I had the power to do so, I would delete it because although I respect everyone's opinions and encourage everyone to be vocal here when stating their peeves, I won't tolerate mindsets such as what you just stated
  8. Good question....hmmmmm I think if you have more than 20 you may have a problem and need to seek counseling lol
  9. And I probably should have stated this 39 pages ago but I didn't expect this forum to go on for this long, so better late than never right? lol I don't agree with how the recent drama played out with a certain someone ( I won't mention their name, wanna know go to page 27 I believe and you'll see) but I can also see certain points when they brought up people bashing others pet peeves and I wasn't innocent from it either so please from now on, be kind when it comes to criticizing someones peeves that they posted here. I get we're all human and sometimes things get out of hand but we're all adults here and we should act as much, if you can't criticize someones peeves without bashing them, slandering them or using otherwise snide or rude remarks to do so, then please refrain. I would like this forum to be around for 39 ( and hopefully more) more pages and I worry if we handle situations in that matter again we will get shut down, not to mention being rude is simply uncalled for Thanks for your time and I'm looking forward to seeing your future peeves -Ivy
  10. Don't get me wrong, I have the mouth on me that would make Samuel L Jackson blush but when it comes to a civil conversation/ debate, I Immediately think poorly of someone if they ask my opinion, or state something I don't agree with and I voice as much and they resort to calling me names and swearing at me, like we're all adults here, act as much please
  11. Heres an updated list: Peoples whose boobs are bigger than there avatar This: People who call me confused when I tell them I'm bisexual, or tell me they can make me " strictly D*ckly" People who will instantly start cussing at and insulting you the minute you state opposing opinions People who try to publicly out you and make you look like a villain, but can't see that they are actually outing themselves Interrogation IM's Rude club owners/ Managers
  12. I have him blocked, is he still posting here??? Or is there someone else?
  13. Here's some photography pet peeves: -Full bright furniture. Its an easy fix so its not that frustrating, unless you decorate a full scene, crank up your graphics and use your favorite shadows wind-light, only to see EVERYTHING you rezzed shining like the fabric is made of flash lights, THEN its highly annoying -When people get right in the shot and won't move. Before Friends Only mode was a thing this was something I struggled with almost constantly, and most of the time the person just stands there and refuses to budge if you ask -People who would just sit down on the thing your sitting on and automatically change the pose to a couple one. Thank god this doesn't happen that often anymore but I have gotten very heated with people about this before, like FFS you RUINED MY PERFECT SHOT! -When Textures decide they just don't wanna be fully rezzed anymore once you get everything adjusted perfectly - When you don't notice something is out of place ( Somethings floating, not the right color, etc) till your in Photoshop and then the mistake is glaring and you gotta retake it
  14. It really is! Like mentally I know they aren't worth it, but I simply can't just let it go when I see they are trying to lie, it's simply not in me 😂
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