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  1. Natural hair color packs that don't include a black color AM I NOT NATURAL TO YOU!?
  2. I would LOVE to see more same sex couple dances, and just new couple dances in general
  3. I avoid stores that charge for demo's. I've always had this theory that only bad stores charge for demo's
  4. Who ever originally made those two gestures, I like to think theirs a special place in Dante's Inferno waiting just for them
  5. No actually its not. The how do you look today thread is still around, threads only get locked when people either start drama or refused to stay on tye topic the thread is about
  6. To get this thread back on track People who leave me messages, whether it be on Facebook, SL, Discord, WHEREEVER that are abviously meant to intimidate me, but then they block you so you can't respond to it.....
  7. To add to this, people who will blame everyone else for what goes wrong in their life when its obvious its their own actions that are making things go wrong
  8. So about a week or so ago I downloaded the Alchemy viewer after it was revealed that it had been updated with Bakes on Mesh and Animesh and so far I have loved it, but I have one question that I really need answered. I've noticed that when people take snapshots, I will get a notification, both as a toast on the upper right hand corner and in local chat that reads " -insert name here- has just taken a screenshot!". At first I didn't mind this, but I'm realizing, especially at events and gatherings where people are talking in local, that its become a HUGE annoyance and I was wondering if there was a setting that I could turn that off, and if so, will you please tell me where it's at? I've asked this question for days in the Alchemy group inworld, I've asked on Facebook and I even joined their discord today and hours later still haven't gotten a response If anyone knows how to fix this I would be forever grateful! Thanks in advance ❤️
  9. Hopping on to see my two year old thread has been locked 😭😭😭 In all honesty though, I'm surprised it lasted that long lol
  10. -pokes her head in, notices the thread is still alive and she's about 20 pages behind, *bleep*'s off for another couple weeks- 😂😂😂
  11. I've tried several different virtual platforms, Yo-ville, Smallworlds, BUildabearville when I was a kid, CLub Penguin, IMVY, Habbo Hotel, War Bears ( Another one I used as a kid) But ever since i started getting on SL, I havent really tried any others sense because none even compare. I tried Sinescape for about 2 days, because it as Elements that are very similar to SL but that didn't even stick
  12. So I use Gmail for all of my SL and gaming stuff, and since I have notifications turned on for this place, this threads notification emails get maxed out at 100, and thats happened a total of 3 times today alone. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not complaining about it at all! But I am gonna set it to where I only get one email per day for this thread just to keep it from cluttering my inbox, so if for whatever reason you all need to contact me, shoot me a direct message! I still have it set to where I get email notif's about those Keep on peeving y'all! LOL
  13. I relate to this all too well, ESPECIALLY of the summer time, I live on the country side, in a small town where some of my neighbors have race cars, so all through summer I hear engines revving as people work on them, as well as Go carts. motorcycles, three wheelers, kids screaming, dogs barking. its just a few of MANY things I've learned to sleep through LOL
  14. This is more of a RL peeve, but this thread has become a peeve page for both RL and SL peeve's so here we go Video Game sites that make it abso-f******ing-lutely impossible to get a refund/ cancel an order. With the Last of Us part 2 coming out here in a couple weeks I wanted to pre-order it so I can get it the day its released so I can avoid spoilers (Well aside from the leaks, I already seen those lol). Well I wanted a physical copy, but it didn't give me an option to choose between the two so naturally I assume its a physical copy. I get it ordered when I notice in the thank you note it says "Thank you for your purchase. It will be available for download on the 19th"..... I just spent a f*cking hour trying to figure out how to cancel it so I could order a physical copy because they don't make it easy to figure out *lets out a deep loud cry of pain and frustration*
  15. I had that sort of drama with someone at the beginning of the year. Everytime I gave them a chance to clear the air, they instead used it to slander and harass me, every single time so I get that. If you two can't get along why not just block each other and be done with it finally?
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