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  1. I need a music person to cut me a clip of music so I can listen to it on my ipod. The majority of the file is utter nonsense but there is this one part I like
  2. I need a builder to make a small scale model of a fictional reservation. It will be significantly bigger than RL ones.
  3. I would like someone who edits music to make me a file that I can listen to on my iphone. Please IM me with a quote 911 Steampunk.
  4. Has anyone else noticed that all these dark skins have dark palms? It's like skin creators have never seen a black person before: http://www.vitamindwiki.com/Most+people+have+pale+palms+which+do+not+tan How many other people have noticed this?????? This is a BIG mistake skin and mesh makers are making....
  5. Hi everyone! I am looking for friends that have avatars that have blonde hair. My account is 911 Steampunk. Thanks!
  6. Maybe this is just paranoid thinking but I wonder if the Lindens are doing this on purpose? Is it a secret sign? So many times I've had technical glitches that have served a purpose. BTW, how do you get your profile pic as your icon>?
  7. Not shallow. What if someone can't look the way they want IRL, but they can in SL? You don't know the RL of these people so appreciating what they do in SL can mean a lot to them.
  8. I have been seeing some posts where people are looking for friends. I think I have some good ideas on how to make friends. Dress nice. Have a good looking avatar.Look for people who look attractive to youJoin in a conversation. Compliment and ask questions. People like people who talk to them, and have similar interests.Go to sims with your interests. For example, I am interested in law and go to this law simJoin active groups that discuss what your interested in. Go to events you are interested in. You can search for them.Teach. Teach at Builder's Brewery, or ESL. You might get tips/stipendsThings not to do: Tell people what they should say/do/wear in SL.SpamInterrupt peopleGive things to people, like notecards or full perm objectsI hope this list helps!
  9. No, there was no dress code. Your advice is right. I am totally muting her. Thank you
  10. Wow! I don't know how to respond to this! Here's a link: https://www.hhs.gov/hipaa/for-professionals/privacy/ People on SL have not met one another face to face. It's important to keep medical information private to protect one's self. I guess you can share your private information if you want. After all, its good to get support if you are feeling bad. But you don't know how your medical information could be used. It could be used against you.
  11. How do you use a rock to navigate? Sorry if it seems off topic. SL is easy to do but the social part is more complex.
  12. Hey you. Stop it. I don't think we should talk about medical things in Second Life. People do this all the time and it really bothers me. Keep your private information private. Protect yourself.
  13. I feel bad about an interaction I have had in Second Life.This one lady in a store asked me to change what I was wearing in the store. I have never talked to her before so I didn't want to say anything. This lady then IMed me saying that she was asking me to wear what she was wearing because I made her dress the way she was dressed. She said that I made her feel bad about this and that I should empathize with her. She says I should feel how bad she feels since I make her wear clothes she doesn't want to wear. She said I should feel humiliated. I don't know this person, even though I have seen them many times before, and I don't know why she said that to me. I have never asked her to dress any particular way, either. Frankly, I want everyone in Second Life to feel free to be whatever they want to be. Why would I be obsessed with Second Life? Because you can be whatever you want to be! I see her all the time as she frequents the sim I do. Should I confront her? Should I tell her I don't know why she dresses that way? Should I tell her to leave me alone? Should I try and support her and be her friend? I don't really like being told that I should dress like her. And I don't appreciate someone telling me I should feel bad like they do. I don't want to mute her if she needs my support but I am kind of resentful that she is accusing me of making her dress a certain way. I really feel misunderstood.
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