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  1. Join us for an evening of sin. DJ Raidous will be setting the mood. Ladybug will be your Host. We'll have a 2K prize for best in theme | Loincloth, Vines, Leaves, and Crowns. When: July 18th 2021 @ 2pm-4pm SLT Where: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Monarchy/139/180/24 The Monarchy is an Intimate, exclusive, members only. You don't want to miss the experience. Stop by and don't hesitate to ask for a preview. See you soon! --------See our girls TheMonarchySL.com-------- sex club strippers escorts ***** daddy bachelor party sexy *****s bad girls naughty ***** adult fantasy dom bdsm bondage dominance domination dominated submissive subs fantasies freaks high end gangbang threesomes bimbos bbc interracial cuckold adult advertising ad boards baby girl financial domination findom hiring work jobs employment earn linden baby girls barbie milf domme fetish voice cam text emote role play escort
  2. Calling all Ghosts, Witches, Sorors and Frats. Join us if you dare for a Halloween scare. You'll Trick or Treat down Haunted Greek Row where the Greeks of the night have something brewing for your delight.Each Sorority or Fraternity has made sure to give you a frightful evening including goodies as well as vital information on their organizations and how you can be a part of them. Visit each house and be sure to explore every room to experience all the exciting decor and spooky surprises! HahahaOur Spooktacular Sponsors are offering awesome prizes and treats for all the creepy contests. Participants who trick or treat on Haunted Greek Row in costume have a chance to win a Best In Costume prize every night!! One special winner of our HUGE halloween raffle will be announced Halloween night during a closing celebration! We have live palm readings (with a RL palm reader), tarot cards, food, drinks, DJ'd parties, games, rides and a frightful maze with even more prizes at the end IF you reach the end without cheating. Hahaha For the best experience please do the following: SET YOUR WINDLIGHT TO CHANGE AUTOMATICALLY!!! Directions...... (Firestorm viewer: Avatar menu > Preferences window > Firestorm tab > Windlight subtab > "Automatically change environment to use region/parcel settings") or change your windlight manually (Firestorm viewer: World menu > Environment editor menu > Environment settings window > "Customize my environment" > "Fixed Sky" > Choose "Bryn Oh's Anna Many Murders". TURN YOUR SOUNDS ON AND UP!! Wear a RLVa relay and enable RLVa on your viewer. (Firestorm viewer: World menu > Show More submenu> Advanced Menu then Advanced menu > RestrainedLove API and restart viewer KEEP SCRIPTS BELOW 60 and TAKE OFF UNECESSARY HUDS!!! Date and Time All this spookiness will begin October 27th at 2pm SLT and end on October 31st around midnight (12am SLT) FOR ANY QUESTIONS CONTACT PLUSHSANCHEZ RESIDENT (inworld)
  3. Hello, I am looking for someone to make a simple Hud script that will attach to avatar when an object is attached to it.....or by touching the object worn. FULL PERM. Thank you
  4. Ok thank you. I will post it there. Thank you for your help, I just could not get it. But I tried...so A for effort.
  5. Ok, I've tried, but I just don't know enough and I've combed the wiki pages and it's chinese to me. Is there anyone willing to make a simple hud that rez on attached or touch? I am willing to pay. If this is the wrong forum to ask just let me know and point me in the right direction. Please Thank you
  6. Wow, thanks so much Innula . That was very helpful!! <3
  7. I think thats exactly what i need. So it's possible that the item held can rez the hud. Its becoming clearer now. I'm guessing that is why the product that I saw required that you have rez rights to use the product. I can use all the help I can get, I am even willing to pay. But I also want to learn. Thank you Innula. Thank you entity0x for the drinking script. Thank you to everyone who has responded.
  8. Thanks Cerise. Yes I would want the user and everyone else to see the handheld part, and only the user to see the visuals. I am going to see how I can make this work. I'm pretty sure that it can be done, since there is a product out there that is similar, but I'm thinking they did some real fancy foot work to do it, and I just don't have those skills. loll So I'm finding my own feet.
  9. Thank you for your response. The visual event, ok there is an item on MP that is a drug. When you "wear" it eventually you will see colors and other things on your screen. I'm pretty sure it's a hud (maybe it's called something else in scripting), I've already created it and it works fine. The goal is to avoid having the user wear two different items. I want to combine the two. Forgive me if I'm not being clear, I've very new to this.
  10. I have next to no experience with scripting, that is why I came to the experts. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction. I am creating an item that one can hold in their hands and sip from. I would like for that item to include a timer to finish drinking and also a visual hud that will also be times. I would also like to add sounds and chat emotes. Is this even possible, if so, can any point me in the right direction? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. Check out a new spot called Plush Voyeur Lounge Upscale Exclusive Members Only (there is a fee to join) Open house twice a month Available for sex parties/orgies and more secondlife:///app/group/3c193e27-180f-fa6f-1843-79f41b0e7f51/about (in world group) https://www.facebook.com/groups/1115114335231356/ (FB) https://www.flickr.com/groups/plushvoyeurlounge/ (Flickr)
  12. Manager - (8hrs/week) (2hrs per day/4 days per week) Assist owners with various task such as....Check members expiration dates in their private notes on profile cardsHandle staff inquiries, interviews, and schedulesHandle members inquiriesHelp plan events and maintain calendarand more... Role-players (Adult Performers) Engage in live sex acts/porn....can be performed solo or with another RP employed by Plush. Minimum hours of work - 4hrs/week (1hr per day/4 days per week)Must use local chat for emotesA sexy look is required (please send photo)Sex enhancements required Voyeur Doll - (minimum 5hrs/week - maximum 7hrs/week) Voyeur Dolls (girl or guy) acts as Mod and host. Bonus All staff will get free membership to the Lounge to use during non-working hours. (Value of 1000L). Good for as long as employee is employed. If employee is terminated or resigns, membership is cancelled. Once hired, you can bring in ONE guest at 50% off (good for one year only). Experience Experience is desired but not required at this time. Requirements *Must be active on SL, at least 5 days per week. *Alt accounts ok. *Must be 6 months or older.*Must be 18+ in RL (proof may be requested)*Must provide contact info outside of SL (email, FB)*Confidentiality form must be completed before hire. For more info contact plushsanchez resident *inworld* ALSO, LOOKING FOR TWO PEOPLE TO WORK (ADULT PERFORMANCE) A SNEAK PEEK EVENT ON 11/23/16 9:30pm SLT
  13. Come join SBS - Sexy, Black and Submissive. Females only!! Contact plushsanchez inworld or respond here.
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