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  1. Just to bump this topic again for the sake of MSI True Colour users who are having the issue. Adding to my above comment, just removing MSI true colour did not help, the game still crashed the graphics card on exit (but not when using task manager to exit), however, I had noticed that after the last windows update, MSI true colour suddently stopped working, as it needed to be upgraded to a new version, which I foolishly did, and of course my issue continued. What I have now done is, restored my system to the recent windows update, which again, broke MSI True Colour, then rather than updat
  2. I also have the problem on my MSI laptop, and am certain it is the true colour program that is the issue. After a recent windows and graphic driver update, the issue appeared to fix itself, I was able to close down SL/FS with no issues. Only after I noticed that True Colour was no longer working, and perhaps prematurely reinstalling it, did the problem start again. Using task manager and using end task does prevent the issue occuring, it is only when closing SL correctly, that the pink and blue swirly mess appears, I then need to put the lappie to sleep to reset the screen. So, if it
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