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  1. We are spoilt for choice at the moment with mesh bodies, each of us though have certain expectations and will have a subjective view. The OP's message got lost a little in her enthusiam for her preferred body. She is hopeful creators will support Tonic and increase the clothing range. I gather from other comments that creators have often found those who design the mesh av's less than helpful expecting the creator to do all the work. It sounds like Tonic are willing to give developers a kit to help. It is a win win really to do so. Not everyone wants to spend all their time naked in second life, however impressive their body may be. A recent returnee to sl I have tried on most of the high profile mesh bodies now in sl through their demo's. I can say that most of them are masterfully created and made my vanilla model look like a sack of potatoes. A picture here is like a picture in marketplace, interesting to look at but not necessarily helpful in determining the best fit for each of us. If you log in to sl and search Tonic you will find the store where you can test both the thin and curvy versions of Tonic, I don't think you will be disappointed. I did in the end purchase the Tonic Curvy option, I just felt comfortable in it .. if that makes sense. I have an extensive wardrobe and i will most of the time be in my vanilla body with its shortcomings hidden under the fine work of many years of clothing makers in world. I imagine too I will buy one or two of the others if I see clothing I must have lol. I do hope Tonic stands the test of time and that the OP does get her wish, I will be watching myself eager to expand my handful of Tonic clothing choices.
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