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  1. Hello all, since the "wishlist" feature appeared the MarketPlace stopped sending the email notifications saying I received a gift from someone and so if I find an item in my "Received items" folder inworld, I don't know who sent it to me. Has anyone run into the same problem? Thank you for your reply and help.
  2. Yup I tried to find the budgies on Marketplace, sadly there are rares or companions only And as for the strider birds - I am only reseller who offers the birds there. The birds that I got when I was trying to get the lovely Blue Macaw from the silly gatcha machine
  3. Hello everyone I so much want these riding animals marked in the pictures, but the silly gatcha machines hate me Is anybody here who has them and is willing to sell them to me? Pleeeease. Thank youuu very much.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm a landscape photographer and my friend and I are planning to open our first photography exhibition in SL and I thought I'd ask you whether someone here knows about a space on a beautiful place (a field, forest, farm, etc.) where we might to show people our photographs. We need about 100 prims for photographs and stuff such us benches, lights, guestbook and so. And of course, we are able to pay the rent in advance. If you can help us, please send an IM to me - bastlir Resident Thank you very much ♥
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