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  1. I'm starting to wonder if this board is meant to be helpful. Tell me search terms which provide a post to... 1. describe this problem which is extreme, sudden lag after no lag for many minutes. 2. say problem continues after downloading "latest" driver from ASUS. 3. advise downloading the proper driver from NVidia. I tried many and found nothing. But, if you can show me a search criteria to that leads to such a post, you win.
  2. Really? you think I should keep this information, which could be very useful to others having this problem, to myself? Perhaps I shouldn't have said that I'm putting this here for my personal benefit. If I had seen this when I was looking for a solution (as someone else may be right now) it would have saved much time and frustration.
  3. Hello everyone. I have something to share. I have a wonderful Asus G752VT with an NVidia gtx 970m. When I first got it I was shocked to find that eventhough, at first, it ran my secondlife viewer with wonderful FPS it would suddenly drop as if experiencing lag. If I let it, the FPS would drop <1. I tried everything, frustrated. This would happen with any of the viewers I tried. So, I knew it wasn't the viewer. It had to be my graphics card settings. So, I went to ASUS to make sure I had the latest driver. I did! Well, I solved the problem. But then, I had to reinstall windows (t
  4. This is very simple but doesn't seem to be documented anywhere. Hold down control and use your mouse wheel to change the angle between the view cam and your avatar. Hold down the shift and control keys and use your mouse wheel to change the angle of your camera. For example, click on your avatar. Hit escape until your view stops changing. Hold down the control key and roll toward you with your mouse wheel. You'll see your camera get higher but continue to point at your avatar. Next example prepare the same way, click on your avatar, hit escape as many times. Hold down control and s
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