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  1. Hi all! I am very new here in SL and I love it so far. My main interest is making stuff and I love the tutorials I can follow inworld. So I try to read as much as I can about “prims” ‘Mesh” en “sculpties”. I must admit is is a bit confusing for a beginner but I will get there! Reading the reactions on this blog and the blog helps to. But I was very surprised about the respond Dhelia Steinhardt gave here. She says “… I started in SL i did what manny people did "recreating existing places in SL".I stripped the buildings from their brand- or company names.” And I presume she sold the stripped items as well. I consider this stealing. Or do I miss out on something here? And then she complains her ‘earnings’ are stolen by Linden Lab. A bit strange I think. But maybe I misinterpreted what she ment. Anyways…. I’ll just go on with doing what I love and what is the best part here, building in SL.
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