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  1. Selling my mature land parcel, 4096m (1400~Prim), as I would like to get rid of my tier payments! Currently listed for 15k, please feel free to make offers within reason to Syn.Littlepaws ! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amee/88/164/22
  2. I no longer have much need for this parcel so I'm selling it! Again it's a 4096m Mainland Adult parcel with 1405prim! Use it for whatever you'd like really, currently listed for 40k without contacting me but shoot me an offer via IM for something more within your budget if needed and we can discuss! I am Syn.Littlepaws in world ! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lesser Farnley/20/28/62
  3. Me and my Partner are looking for someone who may be interested in helping us decorate & possibly design our club location. We have it basically all set up, building is built, rooms have been giving specific themes & placements, some even already have furniture, textures, etc. We are mostly looking for someone to finish up details & help us decide what should go where in the building, feedback, ideas, etc etc. We will be purchasing & texting all necessary furniture that said person asks for, please keep that in mind. This will be a paid for job. Please post, IM me in world (Syn.Littlepaws), or discord me (Mew#5747) examples & prices in $L !
  4. I am looking for a photographer to take a few pictures (2-3) of my avi! MUST provide examples of previous photos you have taken. Please also note I use a furry avi. (These will be used for profile pictures) 1/2 photos might be a bit lewd or mature in nature so please be aware of that, and the other will be general! Photographer must provide backdrops/poses (I am okay with it being priced higher because of this of course). That said, I have no set budget, just would like some quality photos taken. Please IM me in world (Nuka Littlepaws) with any interest as I don't check the forums as often as I am in game!
  5. Hi! I am a Radio DJ (not live mix) and am currently trying to expand my shifts a bit more weekly! I am a furry avi, to clarify, I don't mind playing at mostly human locations, I just will not be changing my avi from a furry ! I favor playing "Darker" EDM (Deep Dub, Deathstep, Dark Riddim, etc.), 90s/00s/10s hits & remixed variations, and generally any EDM. I can also take requests and make playlists specifically of a certain genre you might like or want for your location as well! These are just the genres/styles I will be playing if I am not given any guidelines. I operate on EST so keep in mind I am +3 SLT. I am available Mon-Thurs 6:30pm-9pm SLT | Wednesday 2pm-9pm SLT | Friday & Saturday 2pm-12am SLT | Sunday 2pm-9pm SLT .. this can and will change weekly, but this is generally what it stays around as far as my IRL work schedule. If you have any interest I am available to play preview/interview sets as well, you can IM me in world for fastest responses ( Nuka Littlepaws ), or message me on discord Mew#5747. I don't frequent the forum as often so it will be harder to catch me!
  6. Willing to take offers around 25,000$L - IM me in world and I can set it up for this price. (Nuka.Littlepaws in world)
  7. Reduced to 35,000$L for non-contact ^^ Offers/Negotiations are still accepted! Please do not be afraid to shoot me an offer, it does not include the house/furniture currently there and space will be 100% clear and ready for you!
  8. Still available and very willing to haggle if an offer is made to me! Set price is again for no-contact, please do not feel afraid to just shoot me an offer haha.
  9. Currently trying to sell my old house/home location! It is a 4096m, Adult plot. Has I believe 1406 prim. Currently set at a non-contact sale price of 45,000$L, but feel free to make offers to me directly (Nuka.Littlepaws) ! I am very willing to haggle. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lesser Farnley/32/41/62
  10. Yes I see that, I have been looking myself, though most places are not comfortable with me not being a human avi from my personal experience.
  11. Hello! I am currently just hoping to find a job doing something on the side, as I do have some main projects that I am already working on and content with. I am pretty much available at all hours, though my timezone is EST. (so 3 hours ahead of SLT) Do not mistake this as lack of commitment though! I love having many projects to work on, and keeping super busy! I am a Furry, I use multiple Furry avatars, please be aware of this before contacting me, I do not have much interest in converting to a human avi unless it is dire, and you make me an offer I couldn't refuse. My Experience: Dancing/Escorting (text only) - I am still open to jobs like this though I really would love to expand to additional things. This is what I have the most SL experience in. DJing - Super new to this, currently using Mixxx and cannot use voice atm. Basically the kind to play songs & take requests. Scripting - Super new to this as well, I have minor experience with this though I am practicing frequently and already have a few scripts I wrote for sale. Digital Art - I am a freelance artist on the side. I have multiple years of experience handling the public in this fashion, as well as setting up deadlines/queues and keeping people informed on what is going on with their commission. Generally public service work. I can give examples of said work directly when asked. Newsletters/Event Planning - A bit less experience with this but I have been previously assigned to write Newsletters for other sites off SL. So I do have a general idea of writing such things. As far as events go, I am majority just the idea person, when you don't particularly know how to go about doing something, I am the person who strives to figure that out! I take no real part in decorating or setting up, just what should be planned, and how to go about it. And perhaps silly bits and addons that might make it a bit more interesting! Management(?) - I have experience with this slightly, and I'm only really including it for further "organizational" reasons. I have organized price sheets and done calculations for monthly/weekly costs for sites as well as keeping a staff team held together, hiring staff, and other things. I have owned/operated various kinds of sites from websites to downloadable games. Which I could elaborate on more directly. This does not mean I am looking for a management position, I am actually super not interested in anything serious off the bat. Mostly just looking for a side hustle, and included this as experience. If you think maybe I'd be a good addition to your team I would love to fill out an application, please IM me in world (Nuka Littlepaws) or send me a discord message/request Mew#5747 You may also post here, but discord and in world is checked most often!
  12. Hi! I am currently looking for beach view land. Preferably a 2048m but a nice 1024m would also be okay. Moderate or Adult is fine with a preference for adult, though I understand those are a bit harder to come by and pricey. It does not have to be furnished, in fact unfurnished is the preference. Please IM me in world for quick responses, Nuka Littlepaws in game! :3 My goal for the location, is to have a summer/beach house, and have guests over to go into the water and things like that. So please keep that in mind before I get sent any "cliff" options haha. I don't have a set budget but I will spend more if I LOVE the location.
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