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  1. I have land for sale/rent here! : Any questions can be directed at me (Emmaelou Resident) via IM ! I can rent or sell you the land. 😄
  2. Anipelago is currently seeking to flesh out some Management & Assist. Management Positions! As well as some other positions. These positions have negotiable pay rates. And we have a preference for Furry Avatars. Human avatars are allowed but are to expect our aim of player base to be almost entirely Furry. This is a NightClub/StripClub, please be aware any appliers must be 18+, we are located on an adult sim. We are currently actively seeking: ** Assist. Management positions also available for these ** - Radio Manager | Is responsible for management of our r
  3. Hello! I currently have a 1024m (351 prim) Moderate parcel for sale or rent! The only modifying I have done to the land is a bit of flattening. It is totally ready for whatever projects you may have, or as a lovely little plot to call home! I am open to offers for the sale of the plot and rental information is included within the sale sign in game! I am mostly interested in selling the land itself, but I will always keep the option of renting open! With any inquiries or questions, please IM me in game (Emmaelou Resident) ! Check out the lands yourself here: http://maps.secondlif
  4. Hi I am just looking for 2 items/objects to be made. One being a neon sign of a business logo & name -- and the other being just a general small model of the logo without the name. I have both images prepared, more details can be given via IM (Emmaelou) or Discord (Mew#5747) Thanks!
  5. Yeah I'm looking moreso for someone to make me a decent one rather than just throw one together myself online. Though I have already looked at those and hated the outcome. I'm trying to get something unique as I will be using it commercially.
  6. Looking into purchasing/renting a 4096m ADULT Flat Mainland! This /must/ be adult rated, I am not interested in anything else. Flat is preferred, if I can terraform it to flat myself that's fine too. Does not have to have any other connections to water or road, road would be nice but not a must. Water isn't preferred but not terrible depending on placement. This will be for non-personal/commercial use so rule freedom is an absolute must. Thanks! Please IM me in game (Emmaelou) or on discord (Mew#5747) with any availabilities/details. Or you can post here as well, though in game/disco
  7. Hi! I am working on a project with a friend and we're looking to get a logo made for us! We don't have a set budget in either $/L. Please post examples or links to examples as well as general prices. This needs to be for commercial use. It will include a small icon as well as a name. More specifics will be given to the person who we contact as it is currently not public information! Thanks !
  8. I am also actively looking for jobs myself lmao. I just figure on the off chance I miss one that I also advertise myself as well!
  9. Hello! I am Synapse, a 21+ user currently trying to find a job in SecondLife! I have the most experience in the dancer/escort position (text only), I also have interest in the Host side of the club life as well, though I am inexperienced completely in that area. I am pretty much open to any job so long as you can just give me the general idea of what's going on! I've worked around the general public in both real life and secondlife before if that helps any! I also generally have experience in the "modelling" field though I am not expecting too many bites for that sorta thing! I am a
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