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  1. I've noticed that there may be a rather irritating glitch with the marketplace cart. I was hoping there was a fix or explanation for it. I stash things to buy later in my cart on the web browser first of all. What is happening is that if I come onto the marketplace without logging in find an item add it to my cart, then log in it entirely clears what had been saved in my cart previous to logging out. This in it's self is odd and a bit of a bother for me personally. I've also noticed if I find my previous cart items and add them to the cart newly there will then be two of them in t
  2. Raeannly

    Partial de-render

    Is it possible to partially de render another avatar? I'm confused as to what I have done involving a friend's avatar. They appear to me with their chest missing however for them and I would guess everyone else their chest is exactly as it is supposed to be.
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