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  1. Hello friends, hopefully this is the correct spot to post this. Back in November of last year I processed USD credit to my paypal. I did have a suspension on my account due to suspicion of fraud a few days after but I had it cleared up within a week and was taken off suspension. I was told that my credit would be processed as normal. It's been 7 months now and it still hasn't processed. I'm curious if there's anything I can do/anybody I can contact about this issue. Thanks in advance!
  2. ST Yaoi Club is hiring male avatar staff! Please note before you start considering working for us: We are an adult anime gay themed host hangout club. We cater to both gay males and straight females and most of our staff works in both anime and LL male avatars. If any of this is NOT okay with you, please do not bother as we don't want unhappy workers. (◕‿◕✿) We're currently looking for passionate, fun and flirty employees that can entertain our guests just by being themselves. These are the positions we are looking for! ❤ Dancers/Strippers ❤ Roleplay & Poseball Escorts ❤ Male Entert
  3. So I followed this fancy thing. https://community.secondlife.com/t5/help/faqpage/faq-category-id/images#images Maybe I missed something? I went to my profile, there is no View My Images. There is a button under My Photos that says Upload An Image. But all it does it take me to the photo album where I can pick either public or private. I clicked around looking for a second Upload button but I am unable to find one. Anybody have any ideas? Sorry this is such a mundane question...
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