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  1. Located in Wombat right along route 9. The land is in several sections on either side of the road, with the largest piece going down to the water. Here is the URL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wombat/148/75/44 We currently have our builds there, but you can come see it. We are trying to move to an area where we can buy more land and Wombat has no free land left. I'd like to sell what we currently own. I'm asking $L33,000 for it. Please contact Rienna Rieko if interested. Here's a picture of our build on it: https://gyazo.com/da1d581ca8ae7c330a01b219d22cadf9
  2. THAT was all the answer I needed! Thank you! Cant believe I didnt think of it myself!
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