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  1. week one at the official SL launch … i made a account, logged in and there was nothing … so i forgot SL for a few years, sadly i can't remember the name and pass of my "1st" account
  2. all the new changes are really ok for me. Linden Laps is not a at home friends group, them are a corporation a 1st life business and them need real money. so $99 per year for a premium account is really ok and i got a lot back like the free parcel or linden home, and the weekly pocket money bun one thing drive me crazy: the the fees for sims …. i dream since a few years of a own mini mini huge isle, i need for that 2 full sims and maybe a hs. right now with the new fees would that cost more per month as my 1st life apartment thats way too much. I'm ok with 10% MP fees or 200L fee for creating a new group. How it is if every new resident just have the levels G and M and if you want A you have to pay 100L up to 200L ? or raise the partner fees a bit Creating a MP store is right now for free, make one time fee of 500L (by the way that will keep maybe all the really bad stores away) maybe the same for activating mesh upload …. but i wish a full sim with a Monthly fee of $100 and a HS with $50 would be so nice. i okow so many real good places and them all gone forever because the fees was too high for them In my fist life i make with my job so $1400 per month, then i pay my tier, food, power, clothes, all the stuff for my kids, then i just have a tiny rest who i can use for sl …. I love sl and all the things there ❤️
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