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  1. A mesh body with appliers and clothes with their HUD, from technical point of view, are the same thing. You have to create a script to put inside your clothes: this script should listen ad handle "commands" from a HUD (with another script). The Hud have to send the UUID of the texture(s) you want to apply to clothes: the script inside the clothes will apply it to the mesh. You can create the texture with any kind of paint software: tga (1024x1024) is the best texture format. The texture have to use the right UV map.
  2. I can't logion into ADITI since yesterday: i've tried 3 accounts, but same result! The error said that the username and/ow password are unknown. I use ADITI since a lot of years without any problem. Of course the password are the same of the main grid :)
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