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  1. Thanks Lillith, I did try the transparency in Photoshop and softened the edges as well, but I still don't have the look i'm looking for yet. Not sure what i'm missing?
  2. So I decided I would try and make some lipstick for catwa. I got the dev kit and followed the directions and did everything in Photoshop, but once i finished in Photoshop and uploaded it to SL the lipstick did not look real, it looked fake. I'm not sure what step i missed hopefully someone can help me out. .
  3. I am having issues with the ZED MPS, I can do the single poses just fine, but when I try and do couple poses I get stuck and it won't work. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong because I THOUGHT I was following the tutorials just fine, but obviously not. If anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. thanks Navaeha28 PS you can message me inworld to walk me through it if you prefer @Navaeha28
  4. I would like to know if there is a way I can reduce the prims in my furniture i made? I"m not sure why the prims came up so high. The prims in the set all together are 150, which is to high, I need to have it come down more, here is a break down: the bed: 8 chair:4 rug:1 Shelf:4 Cabinet:21 lamps Left:14 Lamp Right:6 pics:28 Bed Bench:64 your help would be apprecitated
  5. I guess this should be in the help wanted but I'm not sure where to post it so I'm doing it here. I need to hire a scripter for my creations if your interested let me know @ navaeha28 or natteyshay@yahoo.com thank you
  6. I'm looking for a scriptor to hire for my creations, I am making a few things and need someone who can script for me. I am will pay you for it. thank you, can IM me @navaeha28
  7.  Im really hoping someone can help me with this, I have been trying to look and find answers everywhere but can't get it. And maybe i'm not asking the right question, so here it goes. Ok i'm want to know when someone wants to know how to do appliers for clothes how do they do it? I already know how to do clothes, i have made a lot of them and have so many to put out on the line here is my blog with some of my clothes I have made so far http://natteyshay.wixsite.com/dejavucreations, this is just a few, I still have more to upload. They are fitted mesh 1 prim clothes as of right now, but I w
  8. I was wondering can I trade my Linden home for land or a skybox instead, if so how do I go about doing this.
  9. Navaeha28


    Can someone help me on deleting mist, i can't figure out how to delete it, i have tried everything. Thanks
  10. Ok so i'm really new to this whole mesh thing and i'm having a hard time getting it to go on right, I have bought very expensive meshes and none of them are working right, I know i'm doing something wrong. I have bought whole packages of EVE8-4 two different ones, and also The Shops Body deluxe and head Deluxe with extra skins. Like tonight i tried to add the meshes to my Avatar and for some reason there is white showing through her skin underneath the eye and it will not go away. Please help so frusterated. P.S I am using the Firestorm viewer but i have also tried in Singularity with still s
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