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  1. Hello people of the LSL forum! I've been dabbling in LSL the SECOND my college classes ended. I recently learned about particles (except for targeting), and I thought maybe particles is a weird start to LSL? I decided to make a post here! In your guys' opinion, what do you think is the most important things to learn for LSL as soon as possible?
  2. So we could say Linen Labs is the Government of the society of Second Life. So depending on how much involvement LL has, shows us how free the free market economy can be, and if SL is in fact totally free or a mixed economy.
  3. Would that mean that Second Life is an example of a pure capitalist economy?
  4. I say monopolies and supply and demand do not exist because a monopoly usually develops from buying out other companies. Now, with supply and demand, all items on the market have unlimited supply, so a balance between the limited availability and the demand for a certain product don't add up well. With monopolies, the reason someone sells their buisness is because a sum of money comes in exchange for the product/company. Because of the unlimited supply of one certain item you can sell, selling off your products and store usually isn't worth it, because now another person owns rights to a product that has unlimited supply. You'd ultimately losing money if your business is decently successful. I hope that makes sense?
  5. I have taken a very basic economics class in my ethics and government class this year, and I have started noticing economic systems in MMORPGs. Minecraft has a traditional system, Club Penguin has a command market system, but what does Second Life have? I have heard from my teacher that "no real society in the world has a pure free market system" and I believe Second Life is that society, except for the fact that monopolies are impossible to develop and supply and demand doesn't exist either. Anyone willing to discuss with me?
  6. I'm surprised that both questions had a solution. I will try the code out. Maybe. But thank you!
  7. What I have learned about avatars is that furry avatars tend to be mesh models that hide the main body. But are there furry avatars that aren't mesh so that I can use them with RLV? Or, is there a way to fix up RLV so that it won't detatch the mesh body? Or am I just out of luck?
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