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  1. Anyone looking to experience a full pregnancy in SL should read this book! It offers a lot of new relevant information about how to get pregnant, what to consider and information on maternity services, maternity wear for mesh bodies, and the kinds of attachments you can wear to extend your roleplay further. Grab a FREE copy of this book called... The SL Pregnancy Handbook: Having Your Baby in SL https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NEW-May-2016-The-SL-Pregnancy-Handbook-Having-Your-Baby-Free-Gift-version/9138297 Hope this helps!
  2. For a better understanding of how the magic of "conception" in SL works, a good place to start would be to understand that above all else, the woman makes the total choice if she wants to indulge in the roleplay or not.:heart: With that being said, the women that choose to roleplay being pregnant, might make use of a fertility HUD so they can add to the realism of their experience. Even if a woman is pregnant and decides to opt out of this, there is no real need for an "abortion" or something drastic like this because the woman can simply cease to roleplay any further. Understand, there is never at any point an actual baby that begins to grow inside the avatar's tummy, either. The only way this is ever the case, is if again, a woman chooses to go out ahd purchase additional add ons that offer a growing fetus that she can attach and wear inside of her avatar's tummy. For those looking for that kind of RP, there are loads of creative options to really make the whole experience more realistic. For those of you who are not wanting to be pregnant - if ever you receive the pop up message that exclaims you are pregnant - do not panic, simply close the message and no harm is done. For an in-depth guide on the whole magic of SL Baby Making and how it progresses, I recommend you read through The SL Pregnancy Handbook: Having your Baby You can grab a FREE copy here . . . https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NEW-May-2016-The-SL-Pregnancy-Handbook-Having-Your-Baby-Free-Gift-version/9138297 Best wishes!
  3. Yikes. That kind of pop up is not the typical route most people take if they choose to roleplay pregnancy. The good news is, deciding to be (or not be) pregnant in SL is all in your control. There are some creative add ons to make the experience more realistic, but as a general rule of thumb, you can't be made pregnant without your own consent ( to follow through on your end of the RP that is). If you decide you want to be pregnant you might find some useful information in this FREE book: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NEW-May-2016-The-SL-Pregnancy-Handbook-Having-Your-Baby-Free-Gift-version/9138297 Good luck.
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