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  1. My SL sister has been "sterilized", has taken 'birth control pills', has, probably because (in her words) she is a **bleep** and a **bleep** puppet and tried to be careful (i.e. won't **bleep** anyone with an On-Duty or Alpha **bleep**), gotten pregnant at least ten times. She has aborted the brats each time but ten pregnancies in five months seems a little excessive even witht he so-called 'precautions'. At no time was she asked if she wanted a pixelated brat, it was assumed that because she was female and a **bleep**, she had to carry some macho males virtual offspring. The last
  2. I have opened a tavern for a venue for live music and DJs, and have a small village set up as well. How do I figure the rent for a building I already have on the land? And what is the usual charge for vendors on the land?
  3. I'm having a similar problem, except I tried to change my profile picture and now it won't let me put in any picture. So they are still having issues with profile pictures I guess.
  4. If the dice are on your land (and on land that will allow it) click on them and return them. Sometimes, though, they 'create' more dice. LL is aware of the idjit who is doing this as several folks in my area reported him. Good luck.
  5. Quenild

    Pro Radio Tuner

    Earlier today the streaming music ceased. Is there a problem with the feed? Or is it localized to my partner and myself?
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