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  1. Sometimes adult clubs and escort places iirc do make you put that on the profile, or at least encourage it to be put there. To be honest, guy or girl IRL means nothing to me. I couldn't careless if some girl avi who is an escort is a dude IRL, let alone if a guy was a girl IRL. I am waiting for a **bleep**storm to hit because I admitted to being a guy who sometimes plays fem avis.
  2. Hello there guys I got the Slink Physique Male body, along with feet and hands. I was wondering what places you suggest to get clothing from for men that'd fit the mesh body? I do not care what fashion or anything, I just want fitting clothes that won't show my skin. :P So far managed to find this: https://slinkstyle.com/slink-physique-male-appliers-clothing/ and then this https://slinkstyle.com/the-slink-avatar-enhancement-system-customer-information/ I am still gonna google search and search on the MP/store, but a few places that maybe unknown or not linked on the website there would be grea
  3. Hey there! There is a guide on how to file an abuse report here: https://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Filing-an-abuse-report/ta-p/700065 and also the how to deal with abuse and harassment guide https://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/How-to-deal-with-abuse-and-harassment/ta-p/1339983
  4. Not new to SL as this is an alt of mine, but I'm happy to make friends with people. I took a long break from the grid, though, soo..my memories been a bit foggy with stuff. Been interested in the furry fandom on SL, but like most, my experiences with the fandom has been bad. I'm willing to hang with furries who aren't super into the sexual asspect of SL, or at least respects others who don't want it without consent.
  5. I kinda want to do the family thing, but RPing in a city as a citizen, or any kinda "job" in the city is what I am trying to do at this time. DJing does sound fun to get into as well over being a host/hostess. I've yet to get into any clubs yet, but I loved clubs back when I was on the grid a lot. I'm fine with furries and such, despite the fact I've had a few bad apples in the past on text baed RPs.
  6. I can vouch for this sim, guys. As soon as I landed in, I was offered a tour of the sim, and even the places to rent. There was me and another person until the other left due to RL. This is a promising sim and a good start. I've never really gotten to do city RPing or anything in SL when I was new to the grid. I preferred ones that were new or not established yet, but never found "that one" for me. The managers are nice, and the sim is looking nice. They were friendly to me and understanding. I asked for the welcome info, how to "apply" for a job, become a citizen, etc. No hostile behavior
  7. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: For me, I like the DJ to voice IF they have a good voice and something good to say. I don't want to hear bad voices or a DJ or one that runs on saying nothing. So it depends on the DJ. I don't care if the DJ is in a booth, but they should be 'upfront' if they are on the dancefloor so they are easy to locate. I hate having to search in a crowd for the DJ if I have a request. Agreed with this here. I also don't want to hear a DJ or a speaker go "uuuuh" and "uuummm" every 2 minutes or so either honestly. I dunno why, that sometimes bugs me.
  8. Hello there guys My name in SL is OakleyFields Resident. I am seeking friendship from anyone, and seeking a romantic relationship with a possible person. I like women only as far as romantic relationships go, sorry guys. I like to do some shopping, go to SL pro wrestling events, and club/dance, hangout mainly. I'm an easy to please guy here, so no pressure on anyone. My profile is not quite filled out yet, but will be ASAP. :)
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