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  1. im a child acatar some time I rp between the ages of 3-12 its fun iv only been rping a child avatar for a few days, im not experinced rp in th child feild I come from Scotland uk I know how children act and speak I used to talk about more out of charicter than in charicter about my othere alts and being able to tlansfer lindens to my child acout I keep things seperate I start a friendly conversersation and just because im busy with othere things they make it out im not intrested or refuse to go back there I do things for a good reason I dont go bending rules or delibretly breaking them I never
  2. Hi im 34 going on 35 from scotland uk im intrested in learning dentistry, morgue stuffm maternity stuff, surgical stuff, nurse, dr, clinic I never seen a med school or a school on sl can teach you those and most of the groups I see are dead groups so can someone please help me Id love to learn it I know its just sl rp but I would love to know what im doing for better rp because im a cheerleader in slcs and intrested in the those feilds and medical side of rping.
  3. child looking for a childrens home to stay in sometime I rp a 3 yr old some time a kid all depends im a smart decent repectable person I come here to rp as a kid or younger and act as a kid im rping, im not responsable for otheres actions I learn from my mistakes and I can speak more in charicter now than out of charicter I keep profile seperate and I dont give personal details out I follow the rules and for people to say othere wise dosent know me and missunderstood me im decent loyal, trustworthy and friendly I love doing chores and I like to start a good conversation and I try to be in char
  4. im 34 f scotland uk im rping a child avatar 8-10yrs olf stay at horizone school paybe try for a paying job, I might go for infant avatar in time when I get more lindens first try for a paying job, my aim of the rp avi is in staying at the horizons home for children, in c.a.r.e daycare hopeing to be adopted my good cathlic sl parents, im planing to start sl as an infant but right now ill have to settle with an 8-10 avi but when get more lindens I can rp as an infant, toddler, child, schooling, teenager, hight school then adult avatar. so please Im me in world or leave me a message on sl if th
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