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  1. I have found a few clubs to work at. So I am no longer looking for any Hosting jobs. But if you magically happen to have a better job, let me know
  2. Sorry, please Re read your sentence..Not sure what you mean.
  3. Hi, I'm Lizzy. I am looking for a Job in Second Life, so I can earn Lindens. I am 20-years old, Female. I also do not voice in SL anymore Sorry. I WILL NOT do escorting Lol..I tried and honestly, it's just not for me..I mean I did try to Hoe out my ALT. But I guess she just wasn't Hoey enough. So a bit about me. I am a very chill person, I don't care much for what others think of me. I always say "***** Happens, Life Goes On". I also handle conflict very well, by just blocking anyone who is out of line..AKA just tryna make me angry. I have the Discord APP on my phone. Lιzzч Fεlιcιαиσ™ (elisabethkisses2)
  4. I would but I dont wanna create a whole new avi, would have to buy all TD boy avi, a mesh head for boy, skins, appliers, cute hair, outfit and etc. I rather just find someone who already has one.
  5. Hello, I just finished up with a furniture item for TD. ( [TD] Toddleedoo is a baby Avatar in SL) I am looking for a TD Boy Avi to just sit on the furniture and do the child animation so I can take pics to show the product animation. As Payment you will receive the furniture item for free. Requirements: 1. Must have a TD Boy Avi 2. Must have a mesh head 3. Must have a TD Boy outfit (NO NUDITY) If you are rude, or disrespectful. I will block you without hesitation. If all goes well, I will consider contacting you for future TD stuff. Contact me Via SL, my username is Elisabethkisses2 Here's a little info on what will happen if I choose! I will TP you to a sandbox, and I will of course already have the photoshoot background and such set up. All you will do is sit on the furniture item, do the one TD animation while I take pics.
  6. Here's some advice! 1. Spell your username correctly 2. Give more information about the school, Considering since your starting one. In all honesty, you are clearly in need of more time to prepare since you did not think to say what kind of school is it. It could be an Adult school for escorting, and we wouldn't know.
  7. My username is Elisabethkisses2 I am searching for a Job that actually pays a certain amount on certain days. I dont want some job that's rely's on tips, but thank you! I use Discord
  8. Hi, I'm Lizzy! I am Looking for a job that will earn a stable flow of Lindens. I have lot's of free time, I am very responsible. ...and I don't disappear for a few days and then come back and say i'm sick. I would always notify you in advance for time off. I am willing to try out all kinds of jobs. I was not all to sure what else I should say so I am just gonna go ahead and list random jobs that I would be interested in. Assistant (Of all sorts) Photographer Model Manager RP Jobs as well! (As Long as it pays Lindens) I will not accept any job that will have me getting paid with Tips. My SecondLife User: Elisabethkisses2 I have been on SL more than 2 years I have lot's of RP experience I am 18 in Real Life. -.- Do not judge me.. I'm not a very social person in RL. Lolz Well I would say more, but I rather not say to much seeing as this is already long enough. I hope you have a WONDERFUL Day, Or Night. Feel free to contact me if you want, My timezone is Central Time Zone. I am hoping to further my knowledge in the world of jobs by exceeding at what ever job I have in SL.
  9. Hi, I'm Lizzy. Um so I am just gonna make this short. I am looking for a job in SL. I do not want to work off tips I need a stable job, Meaning I get paid the same amount or more, no less. I do not want to work in a club, Because I have for so long and it is not a stable job. When I commit to something, I study, practice and more, So that I may get better at what ever it is I put my mind to. Please Contact me if you wish to speak more or offer me a job application and so on. Thank you for your time, I really appreciate it!
  10. Hello, My name is Elisabeth but you can call me Lizzy Now let me tell you a bit about me, I am a Kind hearted, caring person. I get along great with almost anyone, I work hard at what ever I put my mind to. I am open to trying new things but here is a list of some of the kind of jobs I am looking for. [Modeling] I have Maitreya Body, Bento Hands, Multiple Catwa Heads, Kemono Body, TSG Mesh Head, M3 Mesh Anime Head, M3 Venus Anime Head, Toddleedoo Baby Girl. [Hosting] I have Lots of experience Hosting at Clubs. I have hosted at multiple clubs over the years from family clubs to adult clubs. [RP Babysitter] I Love RP, I first started out as a toddleedoo baby girl then I grew up to kid, then teen and now adult. I do not curse around kids at all. I love RP like Meals, Snacks, The park, going places, Nap Times, Story Time and so much more. [Some Extra RP Stuff] Maid, Cook, Assistant, and so on. Reminder, I am open to other jobs as well. So don't be afraid to ask, no matter the job, and I will give you an honest answer. My Second Life Username: Elisabethkisses2
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